The overall aim of homework and independent learning tasks is to enhance, enrich and improve the quality of students’ learning beyond the taught lesson.  It is important in raising student achievement through solidifying skills and developing new ones. Homework at HBHS is an integral part of the curriculum and expectations are the work is completed to the highest standard. Homework is intended to encourage self-discipline and independent study skills in students. It should provide opportunities for students to consolidate, practise and apply skills learned. Homework should help them to develop skills and techniques and increase their knowledge and ability to learn. Homework can also help prepare students for future lessons, examinations and provide opportunities for students to develop research skills.

The aim of homework is to: 

Homework tasks can be:

Homework tasks will be set regularly and recorded in Satchel One /Teams. Students and parents will be able to access homework by logging onto the Satchel One /Teams using a unique login and password so they may view the specific tasks set by teachers. 

The role of students is: 

The role of parents and carers is: 

The role of HBH staff is: 

To provide necessary resources to support students’ completion of homework our fantastic library is open after school every day except Wednesday where your child can complete their homework with the use of our computers, printers, reference library and most importantly a member of staff ready and willing to support. Some children like to get their homework done before they leave school so that when they get home, their time is their own.