Labour Market Information (LMI)

It is important our students understand what LMI is.

Labour Market Information (LMI) can provide us with insights into different jobs and opportunities, telling us what is available now or predicted to be in the future. It can be gathered from a wide array of sources from websites run by Government funded organisations, through to adverts for job vacancies in local papers and online. Even anecdotal sources such as conversations with friends and family can give us information on who may be recruiting. Each source can provide us with information on the labour market.

Turning it into intelligence, however, is key. To do that is it important to ask yourself 'How was the information gathered, by whom and for what purpose?' This will affect what the data is attempting to prove (if biased) or what it may mean for you and your career decisions. For example: If the data was collected five years ago? How reliable is it? (not very) However, if the data was collected last week, it is likely to be more reliable.

Tools such as LMI For All can help us access basic data on different jobs which is helpful for a broad picture but generalised.

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Information regarding the Canterbury LMI