Welcome from the Head of Lower School

Hello to you all,

I would like to warmly welcome you and say how we are all looking forward to seeing you in September.

Coming up to Year 7 and joining a new school is exciting but can also make us feel a little worried about things, but we hope that we can make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

This year, we will be able to meet you before the summer when you come to us on our Year 6 Induction days on the 7th and 8th of July. On these days, you need to arrive in your current school uniform.

On your first day in September, there will be lots of teachers on the gates ready to welcome you in and help you find where you need to get to.  You might be feeling nervous about getting lost or not knowing things – we are all here to help you.  All you need to remember is that you need to wear your full school uniform, bring your bag with your pencil case in and a positive attitude ready to be kind, respectful and dedicated to your learning.

Your first day of school is Monday 5th of September.  On this day, you will meet your mentor and some of your teachers. Your mentor is a teacher who will help you settle in. Each day begins and ends with mentor time and your mentor will be able to answer any questions you have – there is no such thing as a silly question so ask us anything you need to know. Your mentor will also do the register and there will be different activities to do each day that will help you make new friends with the people in your group.

Also on the first day, you will have a tour of the school so that you know where to go if you need help.  Mrs Sparks is the year 7 year manager and will help you settle in with the help of Mr Beeson who is one of the Lower School deputies and myself, Ms Hobbs.  

You might find it strange at first as lessons here will be different to your lessons at primary school although you will recognise lots of the same subjects.  Here, you will move around to different, specialist teachers and have your lessons in different rooms. You might worry about getting lost during the day but please remember that everyone gets lost – this is a normal part of starting a new school and there will be lots of teachers around to help direct you.  All you need to do is remember all the equipment you need for your lessons and try to be as dedicated as possible to your learning, including to your homework!

At Herne Bay High School, you will work hard at your studies, but we are also a community where you will be able to make new friends, discover new skills and have access to lots of different opportunities so that you can enjoy every day as a member of our school.

With kind regards


Ms Hobbs
Head of Lower School