Sixth Form Dress Code

The aim of the 6th Form Dress Code is to encourage pride in the school and encourage dress appropriate for the workplace. A dress code is important as it helps to ensure there is respect for the school community. As role models to younger students within the school, it is important that our 6th Form students are dressed suitably for an educational setting. Therefore, the dress code and appearance of 6th Formers must reflect their senior position within the school and be appropriate for a school and learning environment. As senior students they are expected to uphold and embody the standards expected of students in the lower years. We aim to develop and nurture a sense of self responsibility in our students, and this includes being prepared for learning.

Additionally, at Herne Bay High School, we believe that it is important for students to understand how to dress smartly in preparation for the world of work/interviews and formal occasions.

General 6th Form Dress Code:

• I will abide by the codes of conduct for 6th Form dress and behaviour. This includes modest and appropriate dress for the workplace.
• Jeans should not have rips above the knees.
• Avoid extreme hair styles and hair colour must be within a natural range.
• Discrete makeup and facial piercings and tattoos should not be visible.
• Formal attire is required on a Friday and for trips/visits. No denim/jeans or trainers are permitted on formal Friday.

Pathway Academy Students (Full Course) undertaking practical subjects – Art, Dance, Football, Rugby and Sport

• Pathway Academy Students (Full Course) undertaking practical subjects – Art, Dance, Football, Rugby and Sport may wear their Academy attire for their practical subject throughout the week, including Friday or may choose to wear formal dress.

Formal Friday - Except Practical Pathway Academy students as detailed above

• Jacket: Smart, formal office style.
• Trousers: Formal office style and not clingy / stretchy fabric. No leather, denim or corduroy.
• Tops: Blouse or shirt.
• Skirts / Dresses: Must be an appropriate length. No body-con, denim, corduroy, leather, leather effect skirts / dresses, as these     are not formal.
• Shoes: These should be appropriate for a workplace. No canvas material or trainers.
• Formal attire is for all trips/visits. This includes Pathway Academy students.

Non-Acceptable Items Include (but not limited to are)

• Outfits should not reveal too much flesh and show a midriff e.g. crop tops
• We should not be able to see underwear either through clothing or due to the length of clothing.
• Jeans with rips above the knee or hot/leather pants
• Inappropriate slogan clothing
• Flip Flops/Beach style shoes
• Beach/Skimpy style shorts, eg frayed, torn denim