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Discipline at Herne Bay High School is directed towards maintaining a safe, secure, happy, friendly and courteous environment in which students are able to learn and play without distraction or interference.

All students at Herne Bay High School are expected to behave with common-sense, consideration for others and to display good manners at all times, both inside and outside the school. The school values of Kindness, Respect and Dedication should underpin all actions.

Ultimately, we see the educational development of the child, both academic and social, as being a partnership between students, parents and the school. We operate a system of rewards for students which is aimed at positive encouragement, but from time to time we may have to use various sanctions when a student's behaviour, attitude or effort causes concern or disharmony within our school community.

If a student misbehaves or fails to cooperate within their lessons or around the school, departments and the Leadership Teams of the Lower and Upper School will employ their own interventions to resolve the situation.

Herne Bay High School has a strict and clear policy when it comes to dealing with very serious issues.  The normal response for any student who possesses, supplies or uses illegal drugs on the school site or assaults an adult member of the school community is for them to be permanently removed from education on the school site

In addition, permanent removal MAY be the course of action in following circumstances, all of which are deemed to be serious breaches of the School Rules:-

Our discipline approach is only truly effective in helping our students to confront and deal with their behaviour when parents work with the school and support the school with the interventions and support that are put in place for their child.  On this basis, Herne Bay High School is keen for parents to reinforce the importance of maintaining a good approach to behaviour with their children. 

As a school we believe that we should enact an approach to behaviour management that not only results in the child being held accountable for their actions, whether this be by imposing a sanction or through another course of action. We also believe that children should make amends for their actions and repair any relationships that have been harmed.  Therefore, the school subscribes to the sentiments and practice of restorative justice and children who transgress will be expected to repair any harm they have caused.  

As part of our partnership working with parents, we would expect parents/carers to be fully supportive of any sanctions imposed and to support the restorative elements of the school’s behaviour approaches.


Herne Bay High School’s Rules are linked to our values and built on the foundations that students must be KIND to others, that they must show RESPECT for others and their environment and that they must show DEDICATION to their studies and in their actions.







There may be circumstances that, as an aid to learning, a teacher MAY allow a student / class to access their phones during a lesson for a particular purpose. Following this student must revert to the mobile phone rules for their School.

*Note - the school is unable to accept responsibility for any items of value brought into school that are either lost or damaged, such as, but not exhaustively, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, games consoles, bicycles or money.

Over the last three Ofsted inspections, Herne Bay High School has been recognised as having GOOD behaviour.

Ofsted 2018

In the school's most recent Ofsted of January 2018, the Ofsted inspectors graded pupil behaviour as good and stated: