Year 7 History Castle Competition

Over the half term holiday Year 7 were given the opportunity to build a Motte and Bailey Castle as part of the History Department 'build a castle' competition. Year 7 have been learning about the reasons why William I built castles in England after 1066. They have also been learning the location they were built in and what their main features were. 

This was a voluntary project, and there were some amazing entries. The students were given free artistic reign to build their castle with any materials they pleased e.g., cardboard, Lego, cake, Papier Mache, wood etc. They were judged on the historical accuracy and originality of their castles.

These are some examples of their creativity:




The History team found judging the castles very difficult as they had so many wonderful entries. However, they awarded Jasmine first place, Emily, Charlie and Robert (joint entry) joint second place and third place went to Lucy. Congratulations to all the students who submitted an entry- Max, Berfin, Lexi, Jamie, James, Rebecca, Jake, Ethan, and Amelia

1st place

second 1second 2