Year 11 History Revision Visit

On Thursday 23rd February, 42 students from Year 11 accompanied by Mrs Fairbard, Mr Pollard and Mr Brandrick visited the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill. This visit was organised to aid the Year 11 History students with their revision for two of their exam units. The production was put on by the School History Scene Company. 

HistoryPicture 2

The morning production was opened with an exam-busting workshop in which the workshop leader explained the thinking behind the examination specifications and showed the students how to improve their performance in their GCSE course and final examination. This was followed by a play, set in future, in which TV hostess Serena Love used the latest in virtual reality technology to introduce us to a series of characters from the history of Medicine. After she had interviewed each doctor, Serena asked the audience to assess these characters contribution to the development of medicine.

The afternoon production included the exam busting workshop and a courtroom style performance where we listened to evidence for and against Hitler. The students then found Hitler to be guilty.