Summer Projects and Activities

At Herne Bay High School, we are aware that the last few months may have been challenging and difficult when trying to keep your children engaged and active. Therefore, we have produced and developed some pathways to assist you and your family over the summer holiday. These will provide a variety of fun activities that either your child or your family may want to get themselves involved in and can be done inside and outside of the house (in accordance with government guidelines).

We would like to stress that these pathways are OPTIONAL and are there to help give some ideas and inspiration of fun things your child and family could do over the summer. Most of the pathways follow a week to week schedule which you can opt to follow; alternatively you may want to have a look through and choose which activity may suit each week. It’s entirely up to you.

Please click the pathways below and follow the instructions to get started!

  • English: Do you enjoy a book in the sun?This pathway includes fun reading activities for the whole family to get involved with using the classic BINGO game. 
  • Drama: A small project to help develop creativity by blogging your experience during lockdown with a variety of different genres to pick from.
  • PE: Missing the absence of the Olympics this summer? No problem, create your own and take part in a variety of weekly topics covering physical health, nutrition, volunteering, sports analysis, team building and promotion, all with lots of fun activities the whole family can get involved with.
  • Music: Create your own protest song for something you feel strongly about and inspire others to be better citizens with your song!
  • Art: Give a few creative activities a go, from developing your own land art to going on a photography treasure hunt. 
  • Food and Technology: If you enjoy cooking or creating new things then this pathway will give you a variety of activities you can do from your house. 
  • Humanities: Can’t go on holiday this year? No matter, travel around the world and take part in a variety of activities that involve culture, history and geography. 
  • Science: If you enjoy discovering and trying new things then become a scientist over the summer. This pathway looks at lots of different experiments and encourages some friendly family competition.
  • PSHE: Some of you may have found the lockdown period difficult and this pathway will help you relax and take part in some thoughtful fun activities with the whole family.
  • The College pathway: Based around the schools ASPIRE values this pathway will take you through a range of videos and activities to develop key skills to help during this period as well as slowly get you ready for post lockdown.
  • A bit of everything: If you can’t decide or just enjoy everything then this pathway will provide a variety of different activities from all subject areas you could try.

We all hope that this summer brings lots of fun and we hope that some of these activities may inspire that.