NEU Strike Action

As you may be aware, the membership of the National Education Union (NEU) has voted to take industrial action in schools across the country. This will take the form of strike action and is currently due to take place on 15th & 16th March 2023.

Students should use the results from their A&R tests over the last couple of weeks to identify gaps in knowledge and/or skills. Students should create a list of topics and/or they need to improve upon and login to BBC Bitesize

Secondary Homework Help | Online subjects - Within BBC Bitesize students should locate the topic or skill they wish to improve upon, read the information provided, watch the videos and complete the quiz. Students may not have had all their A&R results back, if this is the case they should find on BBC Bitesize the topics they have been studying this term and review them in the same way. This will help them prepare for the next assessments that will be coming in term 6. As an alternative students can use the resources shared by their class teacher within MS Teams. All lesson resources are uploaded by teachers to the class materials folder. These can be used by students to improve on topics they have identified as needing improvement.