Head Boy/Girl - Good Luck and Goodbye

At the start of the 2018 academic year (Morgan May, Jasmine Amos, Angus Wilson and Ella Eastwood), were thrilled to be appointed with the roles of senior student leadership team at Herne Bay High School. It is safe to say this past year has been a busy one; full of fundraising, forming relations with the lower school and public speaking. Our first role whilst in these positions was helping in the summer welcome week. This involved making the transition process from Year 6 to Year 7 easier by establishing friendships before the start of term. The week consisted of a range of fun and practical activities such as roller-skating, dance, climbing and cooking, that were well received by the younger students. This was a truly valuable experience as it enabled us to develop our roles as heads and deputies, giving us confidence and leadership skills that we feel have made this challenging year a success.

Furthermore, we have been involved in a number of charity events, notably Children in Need and Comic Relief. We were required to plan events such as bake sales, charity bench ball, guess how many sweets are in the jar and 6thform fancy dress. These events were planned by ourselves and the student forum team, which has been a pleasure to be a part of. We were able to bond as a team outside of school by baking 400 cakes at the Herne Bay Youth Centre. Our charity events were successful, raising thousands of pounds for each charity and demonstrating the team ethos we have here at Herne Bay High. 

The Heads of our team have been required to speak at a number of public events such as Year 6 open evening and prize evenings, these speeches were written by myself and Morgan and encompassed what it means to be a student here at Herne Bay High. As deputies within the team, Ella and Angus were required to attend East Kent School Together meetings (interschool meetings with local schools about potential event plans) and support the lower school with a number of seasonal assemblies. 

All four of us have thoroughly enjoyed our time as Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies; we truly feel as though without these opportunities we would not be the people we are today. Our 7 years here have definitely ended on a high, and we could not be more grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent the school in which we are so proud of. We are incredibly thankful to the 6thform team (Mrs Wrigley, Mrs Lewis and Mr Jenkins) who have supported us in every way throughout our journey – without you, we would be lost. 


IMG 9280

Outgoing Senior Student Team (From L-R Angus Wilson, Ella Eastwood, Jasmine Amos, Morgan May)

As the new Head Boy and Head Girl (Charlie Waller and Ciara Barley) and deputies (Andre Sincik and Francesca Annis) prepare to take on their new roles we would like to congratulate them on their success and wish them well on their year ahead. We have every confidence that their team will be remarkable representatives of the school. 



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New Senior Student Team (From L-R Charlie Waller, Ciara Barley, Francesca Annis, Andre Sincik)

Finally, we would like to wish the staff and students of Herne Bay High the best of luck for the future. Thank you does not quite cover the amount of gratitude we have for the exceptional staff that have supported us over the most amazing 7 years. We hope that we have done the incredible nature of this school justice – thank you again for giving us this opportunity, we have had an amazing time. 


Written by: Jasmine Amos (Head Girl – 2018/19) and Ella Eastwood (Deputy Head Girl – 2018/19)

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