Changes to timings of Parent's Evenings

As part of our continued commitment to improve our communication with you about your child’s progress, we have changed the format for our Parent’s Evenings. Between now and Easter, all parents and carers will have the opportunity to discuss with teaching staff the performance of their child:

In 2019 these will take place on the following dates:

Year 9 Wednesday 23rd January
Year 11 Wednesday 30th January
Year 7 and Year 13 Wednesday 27th February
Year 8 and Year 12 Wednesday 6th March
Year 10 Wednesday 27th March

We are extending the duration of these consultations, giving greater flexibility for all parents and carers to attend. With effect from the Year 9 Consultation on 23rd January, we will be running all consultations from 2.15pm until 7.00pm and as a result, there will be revised timings for the school day for all students as follows:

Mentor 8:35-8:45am
P1 8:45-9:30am
P2 9:30-10:15am
Break 10:15-10:35am
P3 10:35-11:20am
P4 11:20-12:05pm
Lunch 12:05-12:40pm
P5 12:40-1:25pm
Mentor 1:25-1:30pm

Please note that all students will leave school at 1.30pm and for each of the above dates we will only be running 5 periods. A different period will be removed each time minimising the impact on student learning and individual subjects. These changes have been made so that we can provide clearer feedback to you and offer additional information sessions at each event. This will mean you are more informed about the support both the school and yourselves provide to your child.

If you prefer for your child to remain in school on the above days, we will run a supervised study session from 1.30pm to 3pm and would ask that you notify us on 01227 361221 or by e-mail to of this requirement.

Booking your appointments at Parent Consultations is completed in the normal way by visiting the online parent booking system. You will be notified by text when each date is live to take bookings.

Please click here to download a copy of Mr Boyes letter

Changes to Timings of Parent's Evenings