24-hour Charity Challenge

Thursday 12th March saw the school undertake it's annual 24-hour challenge for charity, this year raising funds for Alzheimer's Society and Sport Relief.

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With very ambitious targets of rowing across the Channel eight times (265km); cycling from London to Paris (344km); ascending and descending Everest ten times (177km); and running a total of four marathons (169km) our intrepid team of staff and students got the machines underway at 13:00 on Thursday lunchtime, following a dance performance by some of our GCSE students.

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Some strong performances during the night meant that by 09:00 on Friday morning, we had met all of our planned targets and started to see how much further we could go; closing the challenge at 13:00 on Friday having covered 456.87km on the rowing machine, the equivalent of almost 14 times across the Channel; 654.73km on the bike, the equivalent of London to Paris and almost back (we are 33km short of arriving back in London!); 231.34km on the Cross Trainer, the equivalent of 13 times up and down Everest; and 204.35km on the treadmill, covering just over 4 and 3/4 marathons.

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We are very grateful to all our staff and students for their efforts in securing these fantastic differences and to everyone from our school community who has supported the event, we are pleased to report that the total we have currently raised is £4609.48.

You can still donate by clicking here.

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