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Please see the below documents which set out the core standards expected by Kent County Council for supporting students with Special educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND):

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At Herne Bay High School we aim to offer every possible opportunity for all of our students to develop their full potential in a caring and nurturing environment.

We recognise that our students are individuals who do not necessarily learn at the same pace and may have additional educational needs at some time in their school career.


Identification of an additional educational need requiring extra support takes place through careful monitoring and tracking, including data and records on transition from Primary School, baseline assessments and on-going assessments carried out by teaching staff throughout key stage 3, 4 and 5. Investigations may also take place as a result of concerns raised by teachers, LSAs or parents and carers.

Once a need is identified an intervention such as a literacy or numeracy programme will be activated. Outcomes will be measured in order to confirm that the intervention has achieved the desired result.


If a student continues to make little progress, despite interventions that have been put in to place, school may need to seek advice from a variety of outside agencies including the Educational Psychologist and the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT).

Mrs Natalie Reynolds is the SENCo. The focus of the team of 11 LSAs is to underpin the teaching and learning environment of the school, ensuring the successful inclusion of all of our students.

We believe that our students with additional educational needs benefit most from an approach which values positive home/ school relationships. The contribution of parents/ carers and the student themselves to all aspects of decision-making is encouraged and welcomed.

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SEND Information Report 2019