Gambling Harm - Year 12 PSHE

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Gambling Harm - Year 12 PSHE
12 Apr

Towards the end of last term, Year 12 were privileged to be visited by Gambling Harm UK, a leading impact-focused UK charity dedicated to the prevention and reduction of gambling harm.

Students heard from two guest speakers who described themselves as “affected others” – people whose family members experienced gambling harm. They bravely shared their stories with us and spoke about the impact of gambling not only on the individual, but their families and friends.

In 2021, Gambling Harm UK began working with Fully Focussed and Million Youth Media on a short film to help raise awareness and understanding of the disproportionate gambling harm experienced by young people from minority backgrounds. During the whole-group session they showed us a clip from the film, called “Do It For Her”, which was later watched in full in a PSHEE session. 

Students were provided with links and further information should they or someone they know need support. All in all, it was a fantastic session, which raised awareness of gambling harm and reduction of stigma.