Welcome from the Head of Lower School

Dear new Year 7 students.

I would like to warmly welcome you to Herne Bay High!

Transitioning to secondary school is a very big yet exciting step for all of you! Our staff are looking forward to meeting you on Thursday 2nd September at 8.30am. Sadly, we have been unable to meet you beforehand this year, but please don’t worry as we are prepared for your arrival. On your first day, we will have plenty of staff on our gates ready to welcome you and escort you to where you need to be. I know that some of you may be feeling nervous, but just remember to wear your HBHS uniform, bring your bag and leave everything else to us!

In September, Herne Bay High School is going to be separated into ‘Lower School’ and ‘Upper School.’ Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 will form the Lower School and Year 10 to Year 13 will form the Upper School. I am very proud to be Head of the Lower School where we will invest and support you in all that you do. I would like to ask that you join us with a positive attitude, are respectful and kind to others and always show your resilience. Hard work and dedication are key to your success in the Lower School. 

On your first day you will meet your mentor and some of your teachers. Your mentor is a teacher who is responsible for looking after you and helping you to settle in. Each day begins and ends with mentor time as it’s an important time where we share information and give you chance to ask questions. Your mentor group will consist of students that you are unfamiliar with, as well as some students that you may know from primary school. You will be surprised how quickly you make new friends – remember that everyone may be feeling a little apprehensive.

On your first day you will also be shown where Lower School Student Services is located. This is where you can come if you feel unwell or an issue arises. Mrs Verge is the Year 7 Manager and she will help you to settle in alongside your mentors. You will also meet Miss Martin who is Deputy Head of the Lower School and works closely with me to ensure that the Lower School is a happy and successful place to be.

Lessons at secondary school are very different to primary school as you will have subject specialist teachers and move to different rooms. Please don’t worry about moving around the site as you will be taken on a tour during your first day. You will likely have subjects that are new to you – how exciting! Get yourself into good habits straight away by making sure you are organised and always showing your positive attitude. Your teachers will guide you, but it is your responsibility to remember your equipment and to make sure you ask if you are unsure.

In the Lower School we certainly work hard, but we make sure that everyone enjoys school life too. I expect you to throw yourselves into life at HBHS, take every opportunity and make each day count.


Mrs Jones