Technology and ICT

Head of Faculty: Mrs L Gowers

Department Introduction

At Herne Bay High School, we aim to inspire students in the creative process of designing and making prototypes. We introduce technical knowledge at the start of key stage 3 and further develop this throughout all the key stages.

Based in a refurbished building dedicated specifically to our subject we have a range of traditional and contemporary tools including a laser cutter, CNC router and 3D printers. We have 2 fully equipped workshops and 2 computer suites. Projects are designed so that there is fluid movement between rooms for different parts of an area of study.

Workshop based lessons: Students learn to use a wide range of workshop machinery and hand tools whilst working with plastic, metal and wood. A basic knowledge of mechanisms, materials, safety, tools and structures is taught and the development of technical vocabulary is encouraged. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAM) is used throughout the course.

Textiles based lessons: Students experience a variety of hand and machine-based textile techniques in order to apply surface decoration or to construct a textile-based product. A basic knowledge of technical content is taught including how fabric is constructed, the properties specific to individual material and information on the original source. Photoshop is used to develop pattern techniques alongside other CAD packages including 2D Design. CAM is used in most projects and includes sublimation printing to create individually designed fabric and a computerised sewing machine to transfer designs from the computer to fabric.

Graphics & theory-based lessons: Students are taught a range of graphic techniques to present initial ideas and develop technical drawing skills.


At key stage 3 students learn to combine practical skills with creative thinking, to design and make good quality products. Classes rotate every 18 weeks during Years 7 & 8 to enable students to experience all aspects of Technology prior to the option programme. In year 9, technology is a choice within the mini options programme.  Students follow a year course that introduces key skills needed for KS4.

KS4 courses:

OCR GCSE (9-1) Design and Technology

WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Engineering


• KS3 Lunch Study Support
• KS4 Afterschool Study Support
• STEM club
• Links with STEMNET for ambassador visits
• Design based enrichment trips for key stage 3
• STEM Days
• Participation in Engineering Week
• CAD/CAM club