Head of Department: Mrs A Short

Department Introduction

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“If you get an instrument into the hands of a kid who wants to learn it, and you provide a place and the means for them to learn it, you will see an undeniable impact in every other area of their life.” – James Rhodes, founder of the Channel 4 Don’t Stop the Music campaign

The music department comprises two purpose-built teaching rooms. One is a large practical space whilst the other provides a suite of Mac computers for both Key Stage 3 and exam classes. As far as the timetable permits, Key Stage 3 students are given access across both spaces to allow them to develop in both practical music-making and music technology.

There are five practice rooms used for individual instrumental lessons delivered by our team of visiting peripatetic teachers, equipped with guitar amps, bass amps, PA system, acoustic and digital pianos and a specialist drum room containing two drum-kits and acoustic treatment.


In Years 7 & 8, students have 1 lesson per week and alternate between doing a practical unit and a technology-based unit meaning they have access to the music technology for half of the year. The other half will be singing or using instruments and the whole curriculum focuses on the three main areas of music: listening, performing and composing.

In Year 9 there are two lessons a week for the students who opt to study music.

At Key Stage 4, we currently offer the Edexcel BTEC First Award in Music and the BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice.

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At Key Stage 5, we deliver Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Music Performance and we also offer the Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Extended Certificate in Music Performance

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All our music students are encouraged to develop their skills by taking up an extracurricular activity, these include:

  • HBH Horns
  • Bay Bellas (a female singing group)
  • HBHS Choir
  • Ukulele Orchestra
  • Music Technology Club
  • Rockschool Originals (a new group looking to perform and write their own music)
  • Xclusive (an invitation-only group of students chosen by the peripatetic staff)

Our students also have the opportunity to take part in the following events:

  • Assembly performances
  • Music Showcases
  • Performing Arts Showcases
  • Theatre visits
  • Orchestral concerts
  • Prize Evenings
  • Professional Workshops