Head of Department: Mr C Phillips

Department Introduction

'Equipping our students with the knowledge, skills and expertise to function in a world where Information Communication Technology is embedded in all aspects of industry and commerce’.

We seek to provide a curriculum that is both interesting and relevant to students and helps prepare them for their future roles as competent and confident ICT users. They are encouraged to adopt and explore ICT to enhance their work throughout the whole school curriculum.

The subject is taught in three purpose-built classrooms equipped with thirty workstations and interactive whiteboards in each room. There are three specialist ICT teachers dedicated to developing their expertise in all aspects of this broad and rapidly evolving subject. We are constantly improving and reviewing our curriculum to keep pace with the ever-changing world of ICT.


Students can gain appropriate vocational and academic qualifications in ICT; OCR Cambridge Nationals in iMedia, ECDL and Level 3 OCR Cambridge Tecs to name the current qualifications on offer.

Currently, students at Key Stage Three study ICT for three years with one 50 minute lesson per week. We deliver the new Computing National Curriculum, and we teach students how to use a range of industry standard applications. In addition, we make students aware of the advantages and disadvantages that the great world of information technology has to offer.

Currently, students at Key Stage Four can opt-in year 9 to choose to study for an OCR Cambridge Nationals in iMedia. This vocational course is worth a full GCSE and is a practical hands-on-course covering a range of topics.

Click here for information on OCR Cambridge Nationals in iMedia

Currently students at Key Stage Five study for the Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in ICT (2016). This vocational course is worth a full AS or A2 GCE and is a mixture of traditional exams and practical hands-on-course work covering a range of topics.

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Support is available on certain days at break and lunchtime. Facilities are available to older students until 5pm in the school to enable them to catch up with any outstanding work.