Head of Department: Mr M Cox

Department Introduction

Why do we learn geography? What does it actually do? Here at Herne Bay High, we believe that geography is crucial to understanding the landscapes, people and processes of our world. We communicate geography to our students through challenging and stimulating lessons, which aim to breed a sense of wonder and curiosity.

The geography department has four purpose built modern classrooms, a practical learning area and an ICT suite. These appropriate and accessible facilities help to ensure that students across all Key Stages are exposed to learning that is both progressive and enjoyable. 

Teaching Staff

Mr M Cox - Head of Department

Miss Gallantree
Mrs Greenslade
Mrs S Jones
Miss West

What do our children study?

In Key Stage 3, students consolidate and extend their knowledge of the world’s physical and human environments. We aim to encourage understanding of how geographical processes interact to create distinctive human and physical landscapes that change over time. There is a distinct focus on key geographical terminology and skills that will allow them to begin analysing and interpreting data sources. A high-quality geographical education in Key Stage 3 will provide students with a fascination about the world that will remain with them into Key Stage 4.

For GCSE in KS4, we follow the AQA specification. This specification has an ethos centred around geographical enquiry of places and processes. There is great emphasis on topical issues, which students will use as a framework to explain how our world is both shaped and interconnected. Geography is a popular subject for GCSE, as students find meaning and relevance in its accessible nature.

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For A-Level in Key Stage 5, we follow the AQA specification. This is a contemporary and dynamic course that exposes students to the future challenges of our world. Topical issues concerning natural hazards, coastal environments, global development levels and resource conflict are all examined. Fieldwork in both physical and human environments also forms a key part of the course. Students will undertake a detailed consideration of how humans are contesting our world and the importance of seeking sustainable solutions.

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