Extra-Curricular Activities

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Many researchers have contributed to the ever-increasing evidence which supports that Outdoor Education is imperative to building an individuals character. At Herne Bay High School we offer students a broadened curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities that allow our students hands-on experience through many physical, mental and social skills to explore the outdoor environment.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme is a successful and thriving extra-curricular activity at Herne Bay High School which has been running over the past three years and is continuing to grow each year. Herne Bay High School is a DofE directly licensed centre, which allows us to run and approve Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Typically we have 40 bronze and 20 Silver voluntary students signing onto the scheme each year and we are expecting this to expand to the Gold level in 2020.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to provide and fulfil young people with the courage, ambition and determination to achieve skills to enable them to be successful. This is a challenging but rewarding programme which consists of the following key principles:

  • Non- competitive
  • Flexible
  • Available to all
  • Voluntary
  • Progressive
  • Achievable for all
  • Enjoyable


There are three separate levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These have different minimum starting ages and require varying commitment at each level. Our students are able to undertake their Bronze level at the beginning of year 9, where they then progress to exploring the Silver level in year 10. From 2020 students will also be able to take on the supreme challenge of their Gold award when they turn 16.

At each of these levels participants must undertake an activity from each of the following sections:

  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Skill
  • Expedition
  • Residential (Gold participants only).

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Participants track these sections on the online eDofE system. Those who complete their Bronze and Silver awards are invited to an awards evening to celebrate their perseverance amongst friends and family. But, for those who go onto completing their Gold award, they are invited to St James’s Palace or occasionally Buckingham Palace to receive their award along with experiencing an unforgettable day. Here at Herne Bay High School, we are dedicated to supporting students every step of the way to completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and are pleased to see so many of our students progressing and becoming outstanding members of the community.

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