Head of Department: Mrs C Cobb

“Like theatre, drama in schools can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage. Through it, ideas, responses and feelings can be expressed and communicated. It carries the potential to challenge, to question and to bring about change.”
Jude Kelly (theatre director and founder of Metal)

Department Introduction

The aim of the subject is to increase students’ ability to express themselves, be creative, and ultimately become more confident as public speakers and performers. Students learn how to work co-operatively and expressively in a range of ways enabling them to develop life-long skills in leadership, collaboration, presenting and teamwork.

We have excellent facilities for learning, which consist of a Drama Studio space for intimate performance work, and the Bay Theatre with a full lighting rig and sound system for rehearsals and public performances. The department comprises of two full-time subject specialists.

Drama is an exciting, practical subject which is taught throughout the school from year 7 to Year 13. All students in Year 7/8 have 1 Drama lesson per week.  Students can then select Drama as a Performing Arts pathway in year 9, giving them 3 lessons per fortnight.  This can then progress to GCSE Drama in Years 10/11, and subsequently A-Level Drama and Theatre in Years 12/13.

Teaching Staff

Mrs C Cobb - Head of Department

Miss Stockley

Drama Clubs and Trips

All our drama students are encouraged to develop their skills by taking up an extra-curricular activity. These include:

  • Drama Showcases
  • Drama Companies after school such as '1918 Girls Theatre Company', 'Wilde' and 'Expression' perform at various professional events throughout the year.
  • GCSE/A-LEVEL support groups
  • Technical Theatre Club

Invites 2021WildeInvitationExpressionPoster

Our students also take part in the following events:

  • Theatre visits
  • Professional Workshops
  • Visiting Theatre Companies
  • Visits to Universities to work with students and practitioners
  • Assembly performances
  • Seasonal Productions
  • Open evening
  • Creative Arts Events
What do our children study?

KS3 lessons are focused on giving students the foundation skills for theatre performance, as well as giving them a breath of theatrical experiences through a variety of genres, stimuli and texts.

Year 7 Units:

  • Introduction to Performance Skills
  • Introduction and Application of Techniques
  • 'Blood Brothers'

Year 8 Units:

  • Technique Development and Devising
  • 'Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time'
  • 'Bang out of Order'

Year 9:

  • Peter Pan
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Human Rights
  • Technique Exploration

GCSE Drama (WJEC board) consists of three components:

  • Component 1 Devising Theatre - students work in groups to create a devised performance, in a specific style, in response to a given stimulus and assessed through practical rehearsal, performance, written evaluation and audio/visual portfolio.
  • Component 2 Performing from a Text – students work in groups to perform two extracts from a scripted play, assessed through a practical performance attended by external examiner.
  • Component 3 Interpreting Theatre - is a written exam based on a studied set play and a live performance seen on the course.

Click here for exam board information on GCSE Drama

Years 12/13 Drama and Theatre (WJEC board) consists of three components:

  • Component 1 Theatre Workshop - a group performance of a reinterpretation of a script, performed in a specific style and assessed through performance and a creative log.
  • Component 2 Text in Action - two group performances based on a given stimulus, one scripted and one devised, each in a different specific style and assessed by a visiting external examiner, through performance and process/evaluation report.
  • Component 3 Text in Performance - is a written exam based on the study of three set texts from different time periods.
Year 7 Curriculum Plan
Year 8 Curriculum Plan
Year 9 Curriculum Plan
GCSE (Year 10 & 11) Curriculum Plan
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