Arts Award Evening

Welcome to the Arts Award sharing event at Herne Bay High. Over the past year and a half, a number of sixth form performing arts students have been working towards their Gold Arts Award. They have been developing their skills, not only as creative artists and practitioners but as young people ready to make their mark on the world outside of Herne Bay High. They have gained knowledge of the performing arts industry through a number of different workshops and work experience.  

Arts Award encourages students to work independently and take responsibility for their project’s aims and outcomes, giving them the creative freedom to explore a number of different art forms. The projects you will see this evening combine dance or drama with a new art form, culminating in a new piece of work. 

The format of this evening’s event is unusual as it takes place in a number of locations around the school. You have been split into groups to allow for smaller performance spaces and to create a more immersive experience. Please take the time to fill in the feedback form at the end of the event, just click here

Thank you for supporting our performing arts students and we hope you enjoy the event.

Mrs Del’ Nero Williams – Arts Award Advisor

Charley Bailey

Title of the piece: T.U.M.D refreshments and front of house

Art forms: My original art form was Performing Arts and my new art form is within production rather than performance, focusing on Front of House. I chose this as I have a passion for catering and communicating with customers, therefore was interested in using these skills. As a dancer, I have been involved in productions before and have knowledge of how they run, so I used my experience from that and combined it with my new front of house skills. I created a character that fits within the narrative that also let me carry out my FOH role to help fit in with the immersive experience.

Stimulus: After choosing a stimulus we then spoke about different themes, the company idea gave me an idea of producing sweet and savoury refreshments that appear dull, however, have additional ingredients. 

Development: I have to combine the role of front of house manager with a character to help convey to the audience that they are now employees and not audience members. I am called Mrs Mundane to show that I am boring, dull and predictable. This is what I wanted the audience to expect when tasting my food during the interval. After choosing what to bake, I then moved onto what I could add to make the food secretly exciting. I researched recipes, bought ingredients and practised baking and cooking the refreshments.

I also made badges for the audience to help separate them into groups, I worked on the ticket allocation, tickets, posters and the reception desk for the event. I also had to lead a production meeting and brief the front of house team. I have got Bradley and Molly to help with the serving of the refreshments on the day and will be performing gestural movements from time to time symbolising the robotic, repetitive movements that would occur when working for T.U.M.D Ltd.

CB 2CB 1

Final Piece: My two art forms worked well together as I was able to portray the use of dance and my customer service, and communication skills both physically and vocally. I am really pleased with my final piece as I have accomplished all that I have set out to do within this project.

Jade Burton

Title of the piece: Distorted Reality

Art Forms: Dance and Prop Making. I decided to choose the new art form of prop making as I had been really interested in how dancers had to incorporate a prop into the movement.

Stimulus: My piece is all about distortion. I chose this stimulus as I enjoy moving in a unique way that not many people may expect.

Development: Developing my material went really well even when hitting certain obstacles. We hit many obstacles such as learning all of the movement material and then re-ordering it. This was a challenge in the time provided as well as including the prop in certain material without crushing it. We rehearsed and developed our material during and after school time maximising the use of our free periods in order to create the piece. 

JB 2JB 1

Upon making my prop, I came across many obstacles such as it falling apart, being crushed or not holding its shape. After this, I really had to develop my idea of my prop and work out how I can make the lights inside effective but make the prop sturdier. I started with the idea of making my prop out of string and glue but we had many issues with the strength so therefore developed it creating my final prop. The prop is included in the piece initially being the cause of the distortion. This means when the dancers come into contact with the prop, the movement will change, be more frantic, curve and twist more. 

Final Piece: I feel I successfully combined my two art forms as the movement is highly impacted by the prop. Many of the movements within my choreography involve straight lines until contact is made with the prop. I feel with my prop I was a bit disappointed that the initial idea didn’t work as aesthetically it worked however, I adapted it and made it more durable and functional to suit the movement. I am pleased with the final piece even though it was different to my initial idea. 

JB 4JB 3

Mia Hammond

Title of the piece: Dance Department Promotional Film

Art Forms: Dance and Dance for film

Stimulus: The dance Department and what they have to offer the students of HBHS

Development: Since we were introduced to this project I had an idea that I knew I definitely wanted to develop. This was the idea of a ‘Promotional Film’ for the Dance Department. I had pictured what I wanted to do with this, however, I needed to do further research into the department. 

So for the first bit of this project I made a mood board on the dance department, with this, I found out information that I was going to put into my video eventually. After this, I had to research into my second art form, which was dance for film. This is something I only had a small bit of knowledge about, however, I did have some previous practice from editing a piece in Year 10. I did need to gain more knowledge on the camera angles and shots, however, which is exactly what I did in the first few weeks of starting. Through the process, I logged all of my research and development so that I could keep track of what I had done.

After the research, I had to begin my filming process, which was fun to do as it was quite new for me and was exciting to eventually start capturing what I had envisioned in my mind. I was able to explore with the different angles I had just previously learned about and really put my research into practice. I didn’t find the filming that much of a struggle, however, it was more when I was going to be able to film. There were days where certain people weren’t free or that the camera wasn’t available, however, for the most part, it went smoothly. One of the most exciting parts of my project was getting to work with Mr Jenkins and getting shots using his drone. This is one particular thing that I had in mind since the first day of my project and I was excited to actually be able to do it. 

Finally, I had to begin the editing process of my project. In my research, I was able to get some practice shots and edit them together, which I think made it much easier for me to begin editing my actual piece, as I had a rough idea of where everything was in iMovie. However, I found that every time I sat down to edit I was finding new things within the software. Like I said earlier I had a small bit of experience in previous years, however nothing that was this big. Most of the stuff I was able to figure out on myself when using the software, however, there were some things that I had to ask my practitioner about, such as imputing the music onto my video. 

MH 1

Final Piece: I think that the two art forms I put together did work well together as I made sure to apply my research during the process of it. As a result of this, I am really pleased with my final piece and think that because I put a lot of effort and time into it the outcome was successful. 

Antony Hoadley

Title of Piece: Trigger

Art Forms: Dance and Costume Design- I chose Costume Design to go along with my original art form of dance because I wanted to see how much of an impact it can make to a piece. I also had more confidence to go with this as I am an art student and so I feel more comfortable combining my art form with art, like costume or set.

Stimulus: Focus – I use this to show a journey, that I leave to the audience to see their own from mine. My main point of focus is my right hand which manipulates and triggers nearly all movement. However, I will try to break away from this as I can’t rely on my right hand as I will lose faith in my own abilities.

Development: The main way I choreographed was using the music to initiate cues and changes in dynamics. Therefore, I would consider accompaniment as another stimulus used to create my piece. I developed and refined the piece through rehearsals, where I used feedback from my practitioner, Mrs O’Neill.

AH 1

My idea from my costume came with the idea from my piece where my hands are controlling me. This made me think of what creates links throughout the body which are veins. I wanted to originally go up the neck and have it black instead of coloured. However, I now have found UV paint that will glow at certain moments of the piece. This meant I had to change my design slightly and get rid of the paint from my neck because it took the focus away from my hands/arms. I designed a vein-like pattern that is denser and more concentrated at the centre of my hand and then thins out as they travel up my arm. The rest of my costume is very simple as this also makes all the focus on my arm and hand.


Final Piece: I think that I have successfully combined these two art forms together. I’m happy with the design I have created and also confident with the choreography. I believe I have shown both my ability to choreography and design a costume.

Oliver Jones

Title of the piece: My Shot

Art Forms: Drama and Music

Stimulus: The song “My Shot” from the musical Hamilton 

Development: I have been able to develop my skills in musical editing through software such as Ableton. I was inspired by a London music producer named Kain Richardson, who came down to attend an interview that I had arranged with him. We discussed different music editing software and techniques that allowed me to further my knowledge in using electronic music and acted as a foundation for the overall creation of my performance piece. He taught me about synthesising music tracks and controlling modulation of frequencies, which I felt as though I was inexperienced in beforehand, as well as creating a sound that can be distinguished into genres. This was extremely useful in helping me with the creation of music within my piece. 

OJ 2OJ 1

Writing a script allowed me to develop my creative ability in script work, and it helped me to think about such elements as characterisation. Furthermore, it allowed me to find other ways of creating a narrative without completely relying on the music that I have created, making an overall more dynamic performance that highlights not only my newly developed musical skills but also allowed me to enhance my drama skills as well. Writing this script also helped me to develop my understanding of theatre and what it takes to be both an actor and a scriptwriter, and it has helped to enhance my creativity, dedication and problem-solving skills.

I have had to develop as a director throughout the course of this unit, due to having other cast members. I was able to work on my communication skills with the other actors that are involved with my piece. In addition to this I have been able to develop my skills as a leader as directing and gathering the different actors, required a lot of administration and commitment towards my own work and I now feel much more confident with leading other people. Directing has allowed me to focus on my organisational skills, as I had to plan and prepare when and where I had to rehearse the piece with the other members of my performance.

OJ 3

Overall, I believe that my development throughout the course of this unit has been helpful in making me a much more confident performer, and I hope that with all I have learnt throughout, I will be able to pull it all together and perform an effective piece for a final audience.

Final Piece: I feel I have successfully combined both the art form of Music and Drama. My musical skills became present through the editing of my music track and creating my own version. My Drama skills came into play whilst directing the movements in the piece and flowing it all together. I am really happy with the work that has been produced and I’m very proud of the actors and singers that I have been working with.

OJ 4

Luke Lamkin

Title of the piece: Intimidate

Art Forms: Dance Performance and Costume Design –I chose this because I have never created costume before and I feel like it’s the appropriate challenge for me.

Stimulus: Intimidation – I really wanted to create a piece based on this because I am really interested in the way behaviour can affect other people’s emotions.

Development: My original aim was to focus on the audience’s emotions and what I could do in order to make them feel uncomfortable in the studio. I spent a lot of time creating detailed costumes and thought carefully about how they worked with my choreography. I feel these designs are intimidating because the colours and way they are painted have connotations of bleeding and splattering much like blood. I have created four different t-shirts with the same design on. The practitioner I worked with very closely was Miss Brown in the art department who supplied me with the different paints and knowledge of how to apply them.  

I developed the choreography by using movements that inspire me from the choreographer Hofesh Shechter. I have 4 performers in my piece including myself and I chose this amount because I felt like the more numbers the easier it is to come across as intimidating. I chose to perform in the round because it is a new challenge of stage space and I have never performed in it properly before.

The lighting and accompaniment I chose were to help with the atmosphere and mood of the performance. 

The images you can see are the first development stages of my costume design.

LL 1LL 2LL 3

Final Piece: I believe the two art forms worked very well together despite being doubtful in the early stages. I am very pleased with the final piece and can’t thank my performers (Jack Taylor, Mia Hammond, and Kieran Downey) enough for the time and effort they have put in. I am pleased I stuck at the costume design because many times I felt like changing art form and going with something I already know. I am glad that I pushed myself to try something new. 

Emily Marsh

Title of the piece: Pinball

Art Forms: I chose to combine my original art form of Dance with the new art form of Set Design because I have also taken art and thought it would be a good way of merging both subjects. 

Stimulus: The speed and motion of a pinball. This interested me because when I began researching ideas I could see straight away how I could work from the game therefore, it motivated me early in the process to get started. 

Development: I have had various rehearsals with my cast to create the material for this piece making sure that it displays the motion of a pinball. By watching various videos of the machines helped me to understand the game more and what it’s about but also different dynamics and actions I could use. 

EM 1

Within my set design, I wanted to bring pinball machines to life. Colour and scale are what I focused on when creating the design as when researching initially into the art form these are the areas that interested me and stood out. The music I chose reminded me of planets and space therefore, I based the painting of the machine around a galaxy theme.

EM 2

Final Piece: I feel that the art forms I chose worked really well together and I am pleased with my final piece. Some movements and formations represent the flickers and the game its self which helps to convey the theme of the piece and for the audience to make links between the set and the performance. I have enjoyed dancing with a set that is designed purely for my piece rather than a generic background that suits multiple pieces and themes.

Andrea Nield

Title of the piece: Don’t think about it

Art Forms: Dance and animation

Stimulus: The restriction of the human mind and how we all have inner thoughts guiding us to a positive or negative diction.

Development: I have always been inspired by animation and wanted to combine it with my love of dance. So I began brainstorming ideas and I fell upon the mental addictions of the human mind. How we have two thought processes, the good and the bad, the happiness and sadness, the devil and angel on the shoulder. This led me to gain inspiration from the Ying and Yang symbol. The symbol Ying and Yang then lead me to design characters.

AN 2AN 1

I designed a few ideas and made them quite detailed and refined, however, I fell upon a simpler design. Which really helps get the meaning across, as the colours showcase the characters characteristics and mood. Being black and pink for Ying and white and blue for Yang. I decided to simplify the design to just be of the heads and from here I began animating. Where the head animation will lie in sync with the dance.

The dance itself is a contrast in soft movement, agent sharp. Where I gained my movement inspiration from the song. Flower by Melis. The choreography I choreographed felt meaningful and powerful to me, as it represents a part of me and all of us. The dance then combined with the animation pushes the meaning further.

Alex Sheppard

Title of the piece: Think of Them

Art Forms: My piece consists of a Slam Poetry performance, mixed with the art form of Drama – I chose this because I am extremely fascinated by the power and emotion that goes into Slam Poetry, and I wanted to combine this with my love of acting and drama so that I could present this element of passion.

Stimulus: My subject of choice has been focusing on the different forms of abuse, and its effect on the victims, as well as society as a whole.

AS 1

Development: Throughout the course of this unit, I have been able to learn and develop many new skills that have helped me widen my knowledge to the different forms of expression through performance. By researching into Slam Poetry (my chosen second art form) I have had the opportunity to discover many abilities in terms of showcasing to an audience and especially developing my vocalisation skills and how I can use my voice to make an emotionally stimulating piece. 

In addition to this, I have also been able to develop my skills as a director, as I have had the opportunity to teach a set of movements to my fellow actor Rosie Lela who has been working alongside me throughout this piece, taking on the movements that I set her and adding the characterisation that I wanted her to perform. Being able to direct someone in movement has made me more aware of what it takes to be a director as well as has helped me develop my communication, organisation and confidence in being able to adapt my piece if need be.

AS 3AS 2

Research has definitely played a huge role in developing my performance piece, as I needed to connect more emotionally to the topic that I used as a stimulus (this being the different forms of abuse) the research helped me not only to write my Slam Poetry piece but also understand the overall meaning and feeling behind all the stories and information that I read along the way.

The set design was a small part of my development as I had to be able to develop my discussion/collaborative skills with people within the different departments around the school. Talking with different teachers, and discussing different ways that I can interact and use my set to my advantage has helped a lot with critical thinking as well as helped me develop my problem-solving skills when I haven’t been able to contact or access the correct material for my set design.

AS 5AS 4

Overall, this experience has helped me to not only learn new skills but to refine by already existing drama skills that I was able to use to my advantage when creating a piece of movement to work with my Slam Poetry piece. When performing this to many people who have helped with giving me feedback and useful responses, I have been able to use how they reacted to the piece emotionally to help with how I can develop this piece for the final performance. 

Final Piece: I hope that I have created an emotionally stimulating and overall effective piece that will leave people thinking about their overall morality as well as the truth about what is occurring around us. I believe that overall, my art forms worked well together as I discovered that slam poetry is a form of performance as well as drama, therefore I was able to highlight the emotions of the poem that I created through the use of movement and actions that I implemented into my final piece; I was extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Daniel Stokes

Title of my Piece: The Code

Art Forms: Drama and Film Production

Stimulus: To create a trailer for a film that focuses on an assassin who’s conscience makes him not want to kill anymore. I have taken ideas from films that address the same issues and used different aspects from those films in order to create a trailer that pays homage to my favourite ones. E.g. Hitman and The Bourne franchise.

Development: In order for me to develop my piece I have looked at and taken inspiration from different action films that use the same conventions that I wish to show in my film trailer. Once I knew exactly what I wished to show within my trailer, I planned it out by creating a storyboard. This gave me a guide to follow in terms of what scenes I wanted to include. I then looked at different camera angles that I wanted to use within my trailer in order to make it look good. 

I then created a script and started filming my material. I chose actors that had fighting experience, as I created some fight choreography for the trailer. I wanted to use fighting within my trailer as I have done karate for six years and to use some movements from karate was very important to me. I then finished shooting and started the editing process.

Final Piece: I am pleased with my trailer. I am happy with the characterisation as I was able to use my existing drama skill to help me develop it and direct others. I am also really happy with the fight choreography as I got to use everything that I wanted to use from my karate and I was able to make it look even cooler with my editing. 

Jack Taylor

Title of the piece: A Safe Place

Art Forms: Dance and Soundscape – I have chosen this because I have been interested in sound for a long time and wanted to see if I could mix it with my own art form of dance successfully. 

Stimulus: Young male refugees looking for safety

Development: I started by researching both my stimulus and techniques for creating a soundscape. I knew I wanted to include music, sound effects and dialogue in my soundscape. I then worked with my practitioner, Mrs O’Neill, on a basic script for the soundscape using quotes from different news reports and facts I had learnt about the subject of young migrant men. I then worked with Mr Brandrick in the recording studio where I recorded my lines of dialogue. After this, I got to work on my soundscape using garage band as my editing software. I have used a track called you and me by Perla because it gives the sad lost feeling I am going for in this piece. 

JT 1

I then started to work on the Choreography, using phrases from the Boys Dance Company piece that Mrs O’Neill and Miss Thorpe had developed. I worked with some younger members of BDC. My piece is quite short so I decided that I would also like to include more visual elements to help convey my message and so I also made a video to go along with it. I used footage of BDC at the seafront and clock tower in Herne Bay to create a short film. 

JT 2

Final Piece: My soundscape is a commentary on the struggles young migrant men face when they come over to this country it also has a video along with it to show this. A live group of young BDC members will perform as the soundscape plays so that the point of the soundscape can properly hit. 

I believe I successfully combined my art form of dance with the art form of sound I worked hard to make this piece a good mix between them and I feel I have successfully done that.

Holly Warrener

Title of the piece: Encapsulated

Art Forms: Dance and Set Design

Stimulus: Nature versus manmade – it is based upon manmade objects taking over and destroying the natural landscape. I chose this because it was inspired by my choreography back in year 12

Development: To create and develop my piece I started exploring movements which were enclosed between one another like we were trapped in the lightbulb, then I taught 2 motifs which we then developed between material, we used a lot of physical contact to symbolise we were in captured in the lightbulb. I wanted to explore the movement style of trees and how they are flowy, so my movement is very sequential there are sharp dynamics to contrast the flowy movement. I have also choreographed material full of physical contact to symbolise us being encapsulated inside of the lightbulb.

HW 3HW 4

To develop my set I wanted to explore woodland and trees as I feel they are a real symbol of nature and they create the oxygen that man needs to survive. The lightbulb projected on the background symbolises the main source of energy for the piece, this is because it’s the main energy form of our planet. My set design which I crafted for my new art form is intended to look like a forest full of nature. I used varying sizes of cardboard tubing and painted them white to represent the trees. I then used metal wire to create branch-like structures from some of the tubes. My design is very abstract and representative because I wanted to show that manmade objects are destroying the natural landscape. So a tree that is usually full of colour, tones, texture and life now appears as a simple, plain and functional structure. I added lights to some of the trees to repeat the theme that light is a huge energy source and tying the lightbulb image in with the rest of the set. 

Final Piece: I feel like I have successfully combined my art forms, and I’m glad to have taken on this new challenge because set design is something I’ve never looked into before.

HW 1HW 2

Bethany Webster

Title: Pixels 

Art Forms: Dance and Stage Makeup. I chose this because I’m interested in experimenting with makeup and finding out what different things you can do with it.

Stimulus: When we were introduced to the idea of combining our art form (mine is dance) with a completely different art form that we have never done before. I chose stage makeup. We then started talking about different themes and stimuli. The idea of technology came up in conversation and this gave me the idea to use glitch. For example, the glitch that you get on your television. 

Development: After deciding on the stimulus of glitch, it led me to think about the makeup that could be used and the choreography. Words that popped into my head when I envisaged it were interruption, glitch, and intrusion. After researching stage makeup, I realised that it would need to be bold for the audience to see and as I wanted to include small detail, I chose to film my piece.  

I started off by designing my makeup. Once I had picked the design, I practised with different types of paint and application on my arm and then furthered it to put the design on somebody’s face. For the makeup process, I researched different techniques and different makeup brushes and different ways to use each makeup brush. For example, I found that it would be easier to create smaller, sharper and more intricate lines with a small flat brush. 

When I started my choreography, I had the idea of glitch, intrusion and static. I decided that I wanted to focus on the choreography and makeup application techniques and I didn’t want to perform in the piece so I chose two boys with similar techniques as I really like their movement. I envisaged their bodies twitching and the camera angles that can be used along with their face makeup. I developed the choreography and then taught it to Antony and Jack in a series of rehearsals. I then planned what angles I would like to use before filming and editing the final piece. 

BW 3BW 2BW 1

The Final Makeup Looks

BW 6BW 7BW 4BW 5

Final Piece: I believe that the art forms went together. Especially as I filmed it because I could use the makeup and get different angles of it. I also think it worked because it’s bold and stands out representing the meaning of my choreography. I was pleased with the final piece, I believe that it all came together fairly well.

Abigail Wyles

Title of the piece: The Rebel in Ink

Art Forms: Drama and Tattoo Design. I have a passion and appreciation for tattoo design and hope to study this art form in the future. I like the way a tattoo tells a story about a person, just like a character in a play. I thought it would be interesting to combine this with telling the stories behind the other pieces in the sharing event.

Stimulus: Each tattoo was designed around the theme of the other arts award students work. As the plans for the sharing event developed, I decided I wanted to take on a role that helped to tell the story behind its theme. My character is a rebel employee of a corporate company who wants to explore her creativity and feels she is entitled to share her freedom of expression. 

Development: I had to start talking to people about their ideas during the early stages which was challenging as they hadn’t had much time to develop their ideas. I played with some ideas and came up with some initial designs. Obviously, I couldn’t actually have any tattoos so I chose to use face paint which I applied myself. 

AW 3AW 1

There were a few I didn’t like and I had to do a few drafts before I came up with the final pieces which I’m sure you would have seen today. After I came up with my designs I just had to decide the placements of my Tattoos. I did this by researching similar tattoos and where on the arm people might have them. 

AW 2

As a group, we decided that our sharing event would be an immersive experience for the audience and that we wanted to do a promenade-style performance so that everyone could have the performance space that suited their chosen art forms. Everyone’s work was so creative so we developed a theme based around a situation where creativity was banned. I wanted to share my tattoo designs through a character who would interact with the audience at different times of the event.  When developing my character, I had to think about the type of person that would want a tattoo as this was the driving force behind my character. I always get this giddy feeling of excitement and joy after the completion of my tattoos and I really wanted to capture that within my character. I started to make this feeling into movement and I started to look at a childlike attitude. They always get excited about small things and she feels this sense of childlike wonder when talking about her tattoos. (It was like an exaggerated version of myself). She is usually a sensible person but through them, in a “rebellion” she has found a mischievous side but in a way like a child stealing cookies from a jar, I brought the childlike excitement to her rebellious side. 

AW 5AW 4

Final Piece: In my piece, I am employed by a large company as a professional “stapler”. I have been doing this job successfully for years and I am well respected for it. In secrecy, I am rebelling against the strict regulations of my employer T.U.M.D limited. My piece is used to intercept the audience as they are guided around the abandoned zones of the company. I help them discover the rebels work and use my tattoos to introduce each piece of work. I feel that I successfully combined my art forms to create an effective piece of work. I feel my character and intentions were clear within my final product and I was happy with the outcome.