Aims of our School

Herne Bay High is a highly successful, innovative school that prides itself on its culture of high expectations and traditional values, particularly relating to respect, discipline and behaviour. We are passionate about supporting every child to achieve their full academic potential, whilst developing our students into responsible, mature and confident young people.

The curriculum will be the fundamental means whereby students’ entitlement to a broad and relevant education can be fulfilled. Statutory requirements, including those relating to the National Curriculum, will be observed and implemented; the school will provide all our students with a challenging and engaging educational experience tailored to their abilities and interests. In years 7 to 9, this is very broad and reflects the importance we believe is gained from Technology, Sport and the Creative and Performing Arts.  From year 10 onwards, we have a much more personalised offer that links directly to progression pathways on offer in our hugely successful 6th form provision. Our primary focus is to equip our students with the requisite skills and knowledge to flourish in our rapidly changing world and ensure they are prepared for life beyond school, whatever that looks like.

The School is not only an educational community of adults and young people, but also an integral part of the local community. The awareness of students to both of these features will be encouraged; the ethos of the school will be directed to this end.

Herne Bay High will strive for excellence and high quality provision in all aspects of the curriculum, students learning, progress and development. Young people need to complete their period of schooling with high self-esteem, confidence, wider horizons and a range of appropriate qualifications, skills and personal attributes.

Little of this can be achieved by students without hard work, the desire to learn, enjoyment, care for one another and creative, co-operative endeavour; this the school aims to achieve with all members of the school community.

Our school has the belief that all students should “ASPIRE to be the best you can be”. This encapsulates the qualities of Ambition, Self-belief, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect and Excellence, all of which we believe contribute to a rounded education and It reflects our commitment to getting the very best from your child.

Curriculum Statement 2019/20