Herne Bay High School's uniform can be purchased from Barnums Schoolwear, Unit 2, 14-16 William Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5EJ. 01227 365220

There is a strict policy on school uniform at Herne Bay High School which must be adhered to by all students.

Herne Bay High School’s Uniform Policy

All students:

Boys’ Uniform (in addition to the above):

Girls’ Uniform (in addition to the above):



This list will be updated accordingly in the event that outlets change the ranges they offer or indeed if other suitable trousers become available from other outlets.*


During the summer term, students are permitted to wear:

Should students choose not to wear the summer uniform they will be expected to wear their ‘normal’ uniform, in full, in accordance with the guidelines listed above.

Sanctions for those students who fail to abide by the school’s Uniform Policy

The school follows the Department for Education advice regarding dealing with uniform issues, and as such should a student breach the school’s uniform policy (see above), this will be seen as defiance of school rules and a failure to abide by the terms of the Home/School Agreement that all students and parents/carers signed when they joined the school. As such the student will be subject to school sanctions, including a detention on the day of the uniform issue and/or, if the situation is deemed to demand it, they may be removed from their normal classes. In addition, following Department for Education advice, for serious or repeated breaches of the school’s uniform policy, the student may face higher level sanctions including exclusion even if the student does not otherwise display poor behaviour (see https://www.gov.uk/school-uniform).

Physical Education Clothing

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum and it is essential that students change for the lessons. The clothing listed below is required by all students taking part in PE/Games: Please ensure that all items of uniform and PE kit are clearly marked with your child’s name.

PE Kit for all Years 7—11 students — boys and girls (which can only be purchased from Barnums)

All students should have a pair of clean indoor trainers to use in the indoor facilities (gymnasium, sports hall, climbing wall, fitness suite). Plimsolls or similar flimsy cloth or canvas shoes are not suitable for PE lessons as they offer no foot support. Students must have appropriate trainers or running shoes.

Showers: A towel will be required when a shower is necessary.

Swimming: A costume will be required for students involved in swimming during PE lessons.

It is essential that students bring their PE kit to change into even if they are not taking part in PE lessons