Herne Bay High School's Uniform Policy for Years 7-11

Our branded uniform can be purchased from Barnums Schoolwear, Unit 2, 14-16 William Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5EJ. 01227 365220. Other, non-branded pieces of uniform can be purchased at a range of retailers.

There is a strict policy on school uniform at Herne Bay High School which must be adhered to by all students in Years 7-11. Our school uniform is styled on professional business wear and allows a uniform combination that can make all students feel comfortable whilst at school.

All students must wear a blazer, shirt and tie

  • Plain black blazer with the school badge (the school badge can be purchased separately if you wish to purchase the blazer from another outlet, alternatively, you can buy the blazer with badge from Barnums)
  • A plain white shirt (short or long sleeve) with a 'classic' collar’ and a top button which should be done up for the whole day
  • The school tie related to the year group to which the child belongs. The school tie should be worn at the correct length with the top Heron logo showing below the knot when the tie is done up (tie is available from Barnums)

Optional uniform that can be worn underneath the school blazer

  • The school's branded, plain V-neck black pullover with the school logo (available from Barnums)
  • The school's branded cardigan with the school logo (available from Barnums)
  • No other jumpers, sweatshirts, hoodies or cardigans are permissible

All students can choose from trousers and skirts

  • Formal, black, tailored trousers (not jeans, leggings, cotton drill or tracksuit bottoms).
  • Black pleated school skirt which can be purchased from any suitable outlet, alternatively, you can buy the school skirt from Barnums.
  • Plain black tights may be worn with the school skirt
  • Black or white socks can be worn with the school skirt
  • Black socks should be worn with school trousers.

All students must wear the following footwear

  • Flat black shoes that must not have any logos of any other colour

Summer Uniform

At an appropriate point in the year, the Principal will inform students and parents that our summer uniform is allowable.

  • A plain white shirt (short or long sleeve) with a 'classic' collar
  • The school tie must continue to be worn with the shirt
  • Students will not be required to wear their blazer or bring it to school
  • The branded school cardigan or sweater may be worn without the blazer
  • Students may opt to wear neither sweater/cardigan nor blazer.

Other Uniform Expectations


  • Discreet make-up is permitted and should, if worn, create a 'natural' look
  • Hair colour must be within the natural range
  • Discreet nail-varnish is permitted and should, if worn create a 'natural' look and nails should be kept short
  • Extreme haircut/styles and/or colours, as determined by the Principal, are not permitted
  • Acrylic/gel nails, other nail extensions or unnaturally coloured nails are not permitted
  • Visible tattoos are prohibited


  • Facial piercings:
    facial piercing of any nature is strictly prohibited. (eg nose studs, eyebrow bars, dermal piercing, tongue piercings or rings)
  • Students may choose to wear one single pair of ear studs
  • Hooped earrings are prohibited
  • Students may choose to wear a wristwatch
  • For health and safety reasons the wearing of rings is prohibited 

The school follows the Department for Education advice regarding dealing with uniform issues, and therefore, should a student breach the school’s uniform policy, this will be seen as defiance of school rules and a failure to abide by the terms of the Home/School Agreement that all students and parents/carers agreed to when they joined the school. As such the student will be subject to school sanctions, including the issuing of points and, if the situation is deemed to demand it, they may be removed from their normal classes. In addition, following Department for Education advice, for serious or repeated breaches of the school’s uniform policy, the student may face exclusion even if the student does not otherwise display poor behaviour (see https://www.gov.uk/school-uniform)

Physical Education Clothing

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum and it is essential that students change for the lessons.  The clothing listed below is required by all students taking part in PE/Games:  Please ensure that all items of uniform and PE kit are clearly marked with your child’s name.

PE Kit can be purchased from Barnums. Please note that a discount of £20 (£10 HBHS/£10 Barnums) is given if you purchase the sports kit consisting of polo/shorts or skort/socks, mid-layer and jogging pants.

All students should have a pair of clean indoor trainers to use in the indoor facilities (gymnasium, sports hall, climbing wall, fitness suite). Plimsolls or similar flimsy cloth or canvas shoes are not suitable for PE lessons as they offer no foot support. Students must have appropriate trainers or running shoes.

Showers: A towel will be required when a shower is necesaary

Swimming: A swimming costume will be required for students involved in swimming during PE lessons

It is essential that students bring their PE kit to change into even if they are not taking part in PE lessons due to illness/injury. This enables them to take part in a non-participatory role, ie umpiring, refereeing etc.


In addition to school uniform, students are also expected to bring the following equipment with them for learning: