Changes to the School Day in September 2019

From the start of the 2019 academic year in September, the school will move to a two-week timetable for students, along with some changes to timings of the school day.

We invite you to watch this short video, during which Mr Boyes outlines the changes and what they mean for students and parents.

The new structure of the school day

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Parents will need to notify the school of normal student preferences for Wednesday afternoon; this preference can be changed, but parents will need to notify the school of the change.

What do these changes mean for students and parents?

There will be slightly less mentor time for students each week; however, students will receive 25 minutes more teacher-led lesson time each week.

Students are expected to be at school on time and students arriving after 08:40 will be marked as late and receive appropriate behaviour sanctions.

There will be no reduction in the provision of after-school clubs and activities.

Certain year groups will be able to receive extra support on a Wednesday afternoon to prepare for GCSE and A-Level exams; plus there will be the opportunity for the school to offer extra support and interventions to certain students on occasions during the year.

Why are we making these changes

These changes will enable us to provide a better quality of education to every student that attends Herne Bay High.

The Two Week Timetable

In addition to the changes being made to the school day, the school is also introducing a two-week timetable for students.

Following a 'Week A' and 'Week B' structure; there will be definite changes to each week and lessons may not happen at the same time on consecutive weeks.

This will ensure we are able to continue to offer the same broad and balanced curriculum that is already available to every student at Herne Bay High. There will be less chance of split classes and the school will be able to reintroduce curriculum areas that are important to whole child development, eg PSHE in all year groups from September.
In addition, we will be able to increase curriculum time for PE; balance the needs of Dance/Drama and Sport; whilst ensuring that core subjects see students every day with most subject areas receiving more curriculum time than at present.

What does this mean for students and parents?

Students will need to be well organised to ensure they are prepared for the school day. This includes knowing which week of the timetable is currently running and ensuring that homework is completed on time and the correct equipment (including PE kit) is brought to school on the correct day. 

Students will receive a better balance of subjects and education as a result of this change.

Mr Boyes' Letter to Parents
Mr Boyes' presentation to students about the chang