The Herons Stream and the Grammar Stream

At Herne Bay High School, we value the success of every individual and offer all students an academic experience in line with their ability and interests. All students, regardless of their grouping, will benefit from the same curriculum, quality of teaching and access opportunities throughout their time at the school. This enables us to create a truly personal approach to education.

The Herons Stream

For many years the success of the Herons stream has been the development of motivated, dedicated and independent students who consistently demonstrate the school’s core aims of “ASPIRE”.

Within all subject areas student’s work will be closely monitored to ensure that they are reaching and maintaining appropriate standards befitting to the Heron ethos. Any slippage of academic work or behaviour will result in swift intervention to enable them to get back onto the right pathways.  The Heron sets will be reviewed regularly by the Head of Colleges and students will be removed or admitted depending upon the attitude and behaviour in class and around the school.

Upon entry to the school students will be considered for a place within the Heron groups based upon:

The results of the Key Stage 2 formal assessments and the banding assessment scores will be reviewed to ensure students are placed in the most appropriate class.

The Grammar Stream

In September 2018, in response to the requests of parents, the Grammar Stream was introduced to build upon the success of the Herons Stream.  In the Grammar Stream we have the most able students, with the highest prior attainment (HPA), who are expected to work at an accelerated pace and make excellent progress to attain the highest GCSE grades.

There are only 2 routes into the grammar stream that are dependent on Kent County Council offering Herne Bay High School as your chosen secondary school.

1)     A student who sits, and passes the Kent Test will be offered an automatic, guaranteed place in the Grammar Stream 

2)     Students achieving high KS2 SATS scores at the end of Year 6.

This group will be established at the start of Year 7 and will be taught as a discrete class in English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Language, Geography, History, PSHE and RE.  Once created students will not be removed from this group throughout Years 7, 8 and 9.  For all other subjects – Art, Dance, Drama, Music, PE and Technology – students will be taught in a smaller mixed ability group.