Setting and Organisation of Classes

At Herne Bay High School, we value the success of every individual and offer all students an academic experience in line with their ability and interests.  All students will benefit from accessing the same broad curriculum, quality of teaching and fair access opportunities throughout their time at the school. We have, over the years, operated Herons classes and HPA (High Prior Attainers) classes. This has enabled us to always ensure we are best meeting the needs of every student. We are now formally running Grammar classes in each year whilst also retaining the Herons classes.  

In Year 7  

Two Grammar stream groups will be identified for September 2021, with the criteria for students being placed in these groups that they have either passed their Kent Test or been recommended by their Primary Schools, having achieved appropriate Year 6 Teacher Assessed Grades.   

Initially the remaining eight groups within Year 7 will be mixed ability until the school has collated and analysed the mid-term assessments in Term 2 and the CATs score (to be completed in September 2021).  

In January 2022, all Year 7 groups will be reset, and an appropriate number of “Herons” groups created. This will be according to the assessment data received and taking into account students’ engagement, attitude, motivation and behaviour throughout Terms 1 and 2.   

In Year 8 & 9 

Year 8 and Year 9 classes will consist of 2 x Grammar classes, 4 x Herons and 4 x Aspiring Herons and will be reset for September 2021. Due to the size of the cohorts, each year is split into two equal ability bands. 

The new timetable will allow English, Maths, and Science to set independently of each other, this will be in consultation with the Head of Lower School (Mrs Jones). In Humanities, Languages, Art, Performing Arts, and PSHE the groups will be set by the Head of Lower School.  However, in Year 9 the Performing Arts will be discrete classes based upon the students’ preferred pathway (4 x Dance, 4 x Drama and 2 x Music). 

In the Upper School  

Our timetable allows for our core subjects of English, Maths, and Science to be set independently and based on subject specific data. The sets are created in consultation with the Head of Upper School (Mr Waters).  Option classes will be created based on student choices and the option subjects available, as such class sizes vary significantly between subjects. Additional classes are scheduled in the core subject to ensure that we can meet individual learning needs of all our students. 

In the Sixth Form  

All classes are created based on student choices, the number of students in each class is very subject specific, however we will ensure that they are appropriate for maximising learning.