(05/05) This week’s PSHE wellbeing task saw students being tasked to bake or cook something for those at home!

Thank you to those who shared their bakes with us – there were so many of you!!

Keep up the great work!

Ahsen, Year 7
Ella, Year 8
Luke, Year 9
Owen, Year 10
Keri, Year 11 (and her sister!)
Leona, Year 13

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VE Day

(12/05) Well done to some of our students for going above and beyond to commemorate #VEDay75 last Friday.
Jaden, Year 9 created and took care packages to Kimberley House residential home; Oliver, Year 7 got creative and painted this flag for his family garden party; whilst Summer & Luke, Year 7 both made and decorated bunting!

Other students made cakes for their parties and one student even made 120 cakes for Age UK!

Well done to all who celebrated or helped others to celebrate!

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Book of Hopes

(15/05) This week’s ‘Weekly Wellbeing’ PSHE challenge saw students reading the free eBook ‘The Book of Hopes – Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown’.

Louis, Year 7 was inspired by ‘A Very Short Note about Hope’; Zahra, Year 8 enjoyed the story ‘Be More Cat’ – with her cat; Maria, Year 8 was inspired to draw; and Sophie, Year 13 assumed her usual reading position!

Well done to all who read, were inspired and contributed as always! Thank you!

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Jar of Hopes

(02/06) During half term, students were tasked with their weekly wellbeing challenge, this time to think about the things they would like to do once lockdown is eased. They were challenged to make a ‘Jar of Hopes’; on their own or as a family. Students were asked to think about the things they want to do or things they want to achieve which they can’t do right now. Hopefully, in time students can take their ideas out of their Jar of Hopes and start to make them happen.

Alex, Year 9 wants to go fishing; Lucy, Year 9 created her ‘Little Jar of Calm’; Zahra, Year 8 got her whole family involved with planning ideas; Santi, Year 10 started planning ‘The Things I Can’t Wait to Do!’; Ruby, Year 7 is looking forward to going camping; and sisters Danielle, Year 7 and Bethany, Year 8 are looking forward to re-booking their sailing trip. We hope in time some of these hopes come true.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed pictures and comments about what they have been up to.

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Doing our bit for the Environment

(10/06) This week’s wellbeing challenge was to do a little bit for our local area and collect any plastics or litter to be disposed of to help our environment.

Doing something for our environment fits into the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing by ‘Noticing’ what is around us; ‘Giving’ something back to our community; and not to mention helping us to be a bit more ‘Active’.

Well done as always to all of the students who got involved and to those who sent in pictures – lots of you were collecting rubbish on our beaches and around the Herne Bay and Whitstable areas! This week’s pictures come from Arnya, Year 8; Bradley, Year 8; Connor, Year 9; Ella, Year 8; Lacey, Year 10; and Callum, Year 7. Well done all!


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Being Grateful

(06/07) Last week’s PSHE wellbeing task was to consider what we are grateful for.

Gratitude is strongly linked with happiness; as it helps us to feel more positive emotions, to embrace positive experiences as well as helping us to cope better with adversity.

Well done to Alice Year 7; Cameron Year 7; Freya Year 8; Beth Year 8 and Alfie Year 8 for their contributions this week. Well done to everyone who submitted their thoughts and ideas too!

Freya Y8Cameron S Y7Beth R Y8Alice Y7Alfie W