Year 8 STEM Days

As part of Engineering week, our technology department hosted a fantastic two days of activities. These investigated climate change and the need to reduce our energy consumption.

IMG 5779

Students tested their skills at producing energy efficient vehicles; reducing friction between moving parts. Distance challenges were then set to see how little energy would be needed to travel a set distance. It was with great excitement that students competed against each other to see who could travel the furthest with the least amount of power. Mathematical data was gathered and analysed to determine this.

IMG 5782

Additional investigations were undertaken in different ways of generating power such as solar panels, biomass, wind turbines and most excitingly tidal energy being most relevant as we are so close to the sea. Students competently and expertly took part in all the activities and the two days were an all-round success.

The Technology department would like to thank their facilitators ‘Tomorrows Engineers’ plus all the staff from other departments without whose help the event would not have happened.