Year 12 trip to Dr Faustus

On the 24th June, we had the pleasure of witnessing an enticing play at the Malthouse Theatre, Canterbury. Stars, Dominic West, and Tallulah Riley played Dr. Faustus and Mephistopheles, in Christopher Marlowe’s 1604, Dr. Faustus. 

A fortunate group of HBHS A Level Students attended a private workshop prior to the performance. Executive Producer Ray Mia explained his vision for the script-in-hand play, shared his own experiences and the need to encourage young people to join the Theatre Industry.

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The story itself, is one as old as time: a power-hungry scientist sells his soul to the Devil, trading for knowledge and power, and as all good stories go… it did not end well for him. The play explores themes of self-discovery, sin, redemption, and damnation.

The play was part of a star-studded series commemorating and exploring the work of Christopher Marlowe; an Elizabethan Poet and Playwright, said to have been William Shakespeare’s most influential predecessor. He was especially known for his part in the history of Dramatic Blank Verse. 

The cast of Dr. Fasuts did an excellent Job in portraying their interpretation of the centuries old Play, highlighting the important characteristics of Elizabethan presentational acting and performance presence. 

Dominic Wests performance was both passionate and frantic, portraying the increasing hysterical and frenzied nature of the character as he is lost to madness and eventually dies. Tallulah Riley portrays an excellent melancholic and callous demon Mephistopheles. However, despite the presence of these famous A-list actors, the other actors, ensemble, and the band brought the show to life. It was both engaging and charming to watch, as the actors and the play itself, sent you back in time, to experience even a slither of what an Elizabethan play may have been like. 

Tifaine, A Level English Literature, History and Religious Studies Student

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