Year 11 Revision Sessions

Welcome back to the Year 11 revision bookings. 

So, here we are the final set of  revision sessions for this term  (Wave 3). Our Wave 2 response was a little less than before at 76% compared to 81% from Wave 1, so a concerted effort is needed for this final push to the Easter holidays -  remember only 7 weeks until your FINAL EXAMS. 

For this wave you will be selecting your revision sessions for the two weeks of March beginning the 23rd & 30th.  COVID-19 - Until any direction or message is communicated by the Headteacher all revision sessions will continue to operate as normal.

As before, you will be required to identify and attend a minimum of x 3 revision sessions per week. You can select "BLANK DAY" for the two days you wish to have as rest days. Remember it's important to get a balance with your revision.

Conditions of selection:

  • You can only select the subject once each week.  (For instance, you can not select 2 revision sessions of the same subject in any one week). However, on days where there is a lunchtime offer you can select both an after school and lunchtime revision session in the same day.
  • If you have been selected to attend a college Mathematics or English revision session, you MUST attend that over any other subject. (students will be informed by the department staff prior to the selection process which invite to select) and these core revision sessions are specific to your current grades so read the title of the session first before committing to it.
  • If you select the session you MUST attend.  Some sessions will have limited spaces, please don't waste the session for someone else!  Teachers will also plan for the students to attend.  some students have not been attending limiting others.  Those who have missed these bookings will now be blocked from attending future ones!
  • You must select revision sessions.  Any student not selecting revision sessions will be spoken to by the Head of College.  As mentioned at parents evening.  Students that do not attend revision sessions are more likely to see a regression in their grades from their PPE's.   

Remember, you are booking your revision sessions in advance for the two weeks beginning the 23rd and 30th March only!

The Prom merchandise and attendance reward scheme will be run alongside these bookings.

Please click here to book revision sessions for w/c 23rd March and 30th March