Year 11 Revision Sessions

Last year, some students raised concerns about being called from one subject to attend a revision session in another, causing undue anxiety among students at the wrong time. Therefore this year, the school has decided to allow students to select their own revision sessions.

Students will be required to identify and attend a minimum of three revision sessions per week over a TWO-week window; under the following conditions:

  • Students can only select a subject once each week.
    For example, you cannot select 2 revision sessions of the same subject in one week. However, you can select an afterschool and lunchtime revision session of different subjects on the same day.
  • Students who have been selected to attend a Maths or English revision session MUST attend that over any other subject.
    Students will be informed by the department staff prior to the selection process
  • If students select a session they MUST attend. Some sessions will have limited spaces, so please don't waste the session for someone else!
  • Students must select revision sessions. Any student not selecting revision sessions will be called into a meeting with their Head of College.

At this point, students should only book sessions for the first two weeks after half-term.

Week commencing Monday 2nd March a new booking form will be sent out for students to select for the next 2 weeks. This will continue until the summer exam period. The Prom merchandise and attendance reward scheme will be run alongside these bookings.

Please click here to book revision sessions for w/c 24th February and 2nd March