Update to KCC Travel Saver bus passes.

Kent County Council understands that many parents want to know what compensation they will receive while bus passes are not being used and what this means for any Direct Debit payments due. 

They are investigating a way to compensate all customers fairly, but this is very difficult to do without knowing when schools are going to reopen and if there will be any changes to the rest of the school year. However, they have asked schools to reassure parents that they will compensate all customers for the time that their child's pass isn't being used to travel to and from school.

For customers who paid for their child's pass in full, compensation will be provided once schools reopen, which will allow KCC to consider how and at what level to do this. As soon as this is known, KCC will be in touch with parents.

In the meantime, for customers who pay for their child’s pass by Direct Debit, KCC will be stopping Direct Debit payments that are due at the end of January and February. Once it is known when schools are to reopen KCC will consider what to do about the payment due in March and any outstanding balances. 

Parents do not need to cancel Direct Debit agreements with their bank as this could still affect the future validity of their child’s pass when schools reopen.

Using your pass

In the meantime, all passes remain valid for travel if children need to use them.

KCC appreciate that parents will want this matter concluded quickly and will work to do so as soon as the position with schools becomes clear. Their teams are under considerable pressure and not currently able to work in the normal way.  

Contact Kent County Council:
If you are unhappy about how KCC are handling this, then please provide your comments using their formal complaints process.