Thought for the Week: w/c 4th May 2020

As we approach Bank Holiday Friday, our thoughts turn to the celebration of VE Day, which took place 75 years ago.

Perhaps, with all that is currently happening, you may not have thought much about this. How will you spend the Bank Holiday this year? Perhaps you have no plans, as this year our freedoms have been restricted due to lockdown.

In many ways, this makes remembering VE day even more powerful. VE Day was the day the British people celebrated their freedom from war and all the restrictions, poverty, hardship and death that it brought. Many people have compared our current situation as similar to the war, with the silent enemy of Covid-19. We can now empathise more with our ancestors in understanding the pressures involved with the disruption of everyday life, alongside the fear of having our personal wellbeing under threat. However, for those who experienced the continuous years of war it was far worse. This experience certainly make us appreciate many of the freedoms that we once took for granted, as we begin to look forward to celebrating a Victory Day of our own.

This week we have sent students some assembly VE Day reflections via Show My Homework and some ideas on how they could celebrate it. We have also attached the Royal British Legion’s home schooling PowerPoint, which you might like to take a look at with your child, along with this video produced by the RBL's Schools department, featuring an interview with Marzenna Schejbal, who was living in Warsaw during the war:

Marzenna Schejbal - Schools Film from RBL Remembrance for Schools on Vimeo.

Mrs Wilson has also produced some fun activities to try this Friday, click here to view them.

We wish you all a great Bank Holiday.

Happy VE Day everyone!

Royal British Legion VE Day Home Learning
Bletchley Park Activity Pack