Sports Day Results 2022

Under sometimes cloudless skies on Friday 1st July we saw the return of our annual sports day.

The participation from the students was excellent from all year groups. Within the first period of their sports day they all walked around and took part in as many events as they could to gain participation points for their bands. The pupils conducted themselves brilliantly during the retro events and the atmosphere was buzzing throughout. Their second period was the track events, the runners were amazing ensuring all races had the full amount of competitors, every runner gave their all and the support from the remainder of the year group helped push everyone through the finish line.

We saw two school records broken during the day and would like to congratulate Ewan on the new Year 8 Boys 300m record of 45.27s and Lee for the new Year 9 Boys Shot Put record of 9.88m. The PE department would also like to mention the Year 10 Boys 100m runners who showed amazing sportsmanship during their race.

The results

  X Band Y Band
Year 7 Male 1127 1083
Year 7 Female 835 1018
TOTAL 1962 2101
Year 7 Placings 2nd 1st
  X Band Y Band
Year 8 Male 949 1004
Year 8 Female  911 721
TOTAL 1860 1725
Year 8 Placings 1st 2nd
  X Band Y Band
Year 9 Male 793 826
Year 9 Female 586 864
TOTAL 1379 1690
Year 9 Placings 2nd 1st
  X Band Y Band
Year 10 Male 1090 959
Year 10 Female 1004 709
TOTAL 2094 1668
Year 10 Placings 1st 2nd
  X Band Y Band
Male 3959 3872
Female 3336 3312
TOTAL 7295 7184
Placing 1st 2nd

We're pleased to announce that X Band were the winners of Sports Day 2022 - Congratulations!