Safe Travel to and from School

With the dark evenings upon us, visibility, particularly of those that ride bicycles is critical, as cars often struggle to see students in dark uniform.

We'd like to remind students choosing to cycle to school of the importance of ensuring that their bicycle is suitably equipped for the winter and therefore we thought it would be useful to share The Highway Code's expectations of cyclists – please see below (The Highway Code is a government publication of rules and guidelines designed to promote road safety).

Students should be aware that the Highway Code states that ‘At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit. It MUST also be fitted with a red rear reflector (and amber pedal reflectors, if manufactured after 1/10/85). White front reflectors and spoke reflectors will also help you to be seen. Flashing lights are permitted but it is recommended that cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp’. In addition, the Highway Code states that the bike’s brakes MUST be efficient.

All cyclists must abide by the above expectations, however, in addition to these non-negotiable rules, the Highway Code also states that cyclists should:

  • wear a cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened
  • wear appropriate clothes for cycling. Avoid clothes which may get tangled in the chain, or in a wheel or may obscure your lights
  • wear light-coloured or fluorescent clothing which helps other road users to see you in daylight and poor light
  • wear reflective clothing and/or accessories (belt, arm or ankle bands) in the dark.
  • choose the right size and type of cycle for comfort and safety
  • ensure lights and reflectors are kept clean and in good working order
  • ensure tyres are in good condition and inflated to the pressure shown on the tyre
  • ensure gears are working correctly
  • ensure the chain is properly adjusted and oiled
  • ensure the saddle and handlebars are adjusted to the correct height and that a bell is fitted to the bike.

We at Herne Bay High School strongly advocate that students should abide by all of the Highway Code’s expectations. We are particularly supportive of the Highway Code’s position that all cyclists should wear cycle helmets and clothing/reflective accessories that will help them to be seen by other road users. As such we would recommend that students wear a helmet and appropriate clothing/reflective accessories etc. particularly if they ride their bike to and from school.