Overwhelming gifts from the community

What started off as a few members of our community wanting to give their thanks to the school for all the hard work put in over the past year, has culminated in the most overwhelming show of support the school has ever received.

Every member of the school community has literally been showered with gifts ranging from wine, chocolates, biscuits, crafts, candles, cushions, the list goes on and on.

We cannot begin to envisage the amount of hard work that was put in to collect, collate and beautifully package everything and our thanks go to: Lynesey Olson, Carol Frost, Lisa Jones, Frances Smith and Tina Dandridge who co-ordinated this mammoth event. It truly seems as if the entire parent/business community of Herne Bay have stepped up and where physical gifts were not available, an unbelievable range of vouchers have been donated.

Bus group

This outpouring of gratitude arrived on Monday evening in a double decker bus driven by an off duty member of staff, so our additional thanks to Stagecoach for facilitating this. As the gifts were unloaded staff gathered in their numbers to show their appreciation and to be honest disbelief at the support of our wonderful school community.

JBOYES Collection

Mr Boyes who is not often lost for words was speechless at the show of togetherness, he thanked everyone involved and said “ To know the regard in which staff are held in by our local community is truly humbling especially at a time when each and every person has had their own Covid story.”