LGBT+ Allies

LGBT+A Group at Herne Bay High School

Under the Equality Act (2010) the public sector is obliged to eliminate discrimination and advance equality of opportunity, as well as fostering good relations between those who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who don't. Ofsted expect schools and colleges to combat bullying of all kinds in line with its promotion of 'British Values', which place particular emphasis on respect for others. Our student LGBT group is instrumental in helping us to meet these requirements.

SLT and the Governors are supportive of this LGBT community group

Prefects from Year 12 have volunteered to support the group

Anyone is invited to the group, people who attend do not have to be LGBT

The school logo has been adapted to include the rainbow logo associated with gay pride for in-house promotion purposes only - with this communication simply stating that the group meets fortnightly and stating where the group meets.

The group has discussed various topics including:

  • Fundraising for our own needs such as posters and LGBT charities. This would be by holding cake sales, selling badges, staging events etc.
  • Celebrating Events in school: LGBT History Month, Pride, Anti-Bullying Week
  • Discussing and eliminating LGBT phobic language around school
  • More gender neutral toilet facilities
  • Holding film evenings which involve LGBT issues (Love Simon, The Imitation Game, Pride)
  • Talks from people in the LGBT community (Police, Stonewall) Available to school members and possibly general public)
  • Contributing to discussions about resources in the LRC

The group recognises that any proposals should be discussed with the Student Forum and with the Principal and cleared with the governing body, in line with agreed processes embedded within the school.

As the group develops it will adapt to what the members feel the school needs to further support the needs of its LGBT students. We want to create a supportive and welcoming environment. If the students don't feel safe and able to be themselves, they won't come along.

Mrs C Hoare