Japanese PE Teachers visit HBHS

On the 26th of February, the school welcomed 10 trainee PE teachers from Japan who are on a visit to England with Chaucer College. These trainees spent a day with the PE department where they observed, and occasionally joined in, various PE lessons throughout the day. They were also able to experience the culture of education in England and compared it to their own experiences in Japan.

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They were kind enough to share their knowledge with us by giving a workshop to some of our Year 7s which focused on different elements of the Japanese culture through the use of calligraphy, origami, Japanese language and traditional Japanese games.

IMG 9560 2

All pupils enjoyed learning these Japanese skills and expressed that they would like to experience something like this again in the future.

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Chaucer College has expressed their gratitude to all staff involved on the say and all the students who welcomed the trainees into the school, adding to their experience of the English education culture. Due to the brilliant support given by everyone at Herne Bay High and pupil engagement, Chaucer College would like to continue their strong links with us and would like to arrange another visit with us again next year.

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We would like to thank all staff and students that were involved on this day with a special thank you to the PE department for allowing these trainees to experience teaching in England.

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