Duke of Edinburgh's Award Bronze Expedition

On the 6th and 7th of April, 41 Year 9 students faced the difficult challenge of their Bronze level expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Prior to this, they had received training on the various skills needed including map navigation, compass bearings, first aid, camp craft, and most importantly the importance of planning routes and team organisation. Miss Capon was highly optimistic that all students were ready and would be successful in their practice expedition due to all the hard work that all students endured.

We are pleased to say the practice expedition went brilliantly. All students passed their practice expedition in the Rippledown area by walking 12-15km routes on both the Saturday and Sunday which they had independently planned, as well as camping overnight using their camp craft skills to cook their own dinner. Every student was a credit to the school, conducting themselves to a high standard throughout the weekend. Miss Capon is delighted with their progress and cannot wait for these students to pass their assessed expedition at the end of May. We wish them all good luck with their next expedition.

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