Drama students visit the West End

On November 6th a group of Drama students, ranging from years 10 to 12, visited the Victoria Palace Theatre in London, by train, to watch Hamilton.

Drama Students that visited Hamilton in London's West End

The students outside the Victoria Palace Theatre

Hamilton is a two hour Musical about the American Revolution. The main character, Alexander Hamilton, was one of the Founding Fathers of modern America. The musical tells his life story, and how he came from a place of poverty in the Caribbean, and moved to the US in search of a new life. He becomes a powerful figure in the American War of Independence from the British Empire helping them shape the constitution. The musical covers topics such as poverty, immigration and war which could be compared to some of the situations some people are in today. So, even though it was set in the 1800s, the storyline could be interpreted as being something that is relevant to our current society.

The students were also privileged to be part of a Question and Answer session with the cast after the performance. This was the first time that a live session of this nature had been done, and so it was nice for the cast to take the time to answer questions that the schools had sent in. The questions answered were mainly about how the actors got into Acting, and how they developed their characters from getting the script at the start of rehearsal.
The Drama students found this beneficial as it gave them a better insight into how professionals had got into the industry. 

Students sitting in the Stalls at Hamilton

The students had excellent seats in the Stalls for the performance

The trip was a success as all the students that attended the trip enjoyed the performance. They knew how lucky they were to have the opportunity to watch the production, as tickets are in such high demand. Not only was the trip brilliant to watch as a performance, but it was also educational as it covers a significant part of world history that is not included in history lessons in school.