Digital Learning Update

Dear Parent/Carers,

As we enter our third year using Microsoft Teams as our primary means of digital learning, I wanted to address a few questions that have been asked and highlight the progress we have made.

Prior to the pandemic our school focused on using Show My Homework, now known as SatchelOne, to set homework and provide visibility to parents and carers. Moving to Microsoft Teams had been on our school development plan since release in March 2017, however, due to the lack of parent/carers access, we did not proceed.

The pandemic, understandably, caused us to review this decision. When the first lockdown was announced we made the decision to implement Teams to facilitate a better home learning experience for our students.

Microsoft, unfortunately, still do not support true parent/carers access to Teams, only a weekly summary email. Microsoft do however provide users the option to vote for functionality to be added to their products - we, and I’m sure other schools, would be grateful if you could vote for this facility.

SatchelOne has felt this impact and has seen how few users are using their platform now that the vast majority of schools are using Microsoft Teams. We have been working closely with SatchelOne’s development team and are pleased to announce that any assignment set in Microsoft Teams will now be mirrored into SatchelOne so that parents/carers gain visibility on a daily basis.

To allow this to happen it is required that student’s login to SatchelOne using the ‘Sign in Office 365’ button on the login page. This will be the only method that will allow them to login:

Login to Satchel One

There is no change for parents/carers that already have access, or the app installed on their phones. If you do not have a parental SatchelOne account currently and would like one, please email advising the name of your child(ren).

Students still have access to SatchelOne, which provides a digital copy of their timetable and will mirror their Microsoft Teams assignments, however, students should be using Microsoft Teams as their go-to place for submitting work and accessing learning resources.

I would like to take this opportunity to also remind parents and students that we have a dedicated website that allows you to search for answers to questions you may have and if this does not answer your needs, please email us on

Our school recognises the enormous benefits and opportunities these technologies offer to learning and we will continue to develop and invest in the technology we offer to our students and parents. We also value the feedback we receive from our students and parents and hope that you can see it helps shape how we develop and invest.

Yours faithfully,

Olly Hickmott
Technical Director

Digital Learning Update - September 2021