Delivery of GCSE and A Level Results 2020

Further to Mr Boyes' letter about the school's intention to e-mail the ‘Candidate Statement of Results’ to avoid students and parents collecting them in person during the on-going pandemic.  

To be able to e-mail the results we need to send them to a parent's e-mail address as this is the linked address on our Parent Contact system. However, as the results are actually the property of the student we need their written permission to be able to email the statement of results directly to parents.  

It is important to note that unless we receive their permission, we will not be able to e-mail results but will ONLY post them first class on the relevant results day. 

Please note that our default position will be to use the home address and email address held on the school system.  If this has changed in the last 3 months please contact the school to update the details.

Please click here to access the permission form

Students must type in their new school email address (i.e. – please do not use the old email address) and password (this has not changed).

If students are having difficulty opening the form or cannot remember their login and password please contact

The link has also been posted on Show My Homework under Exam from Mr Jones.

The deadline for the form to be submitted is FRIDAY 10th JULY.