Communication with the School

We would like to bring your attention to the wide range of communication channels that are currently available between school and home. As an open school we actively welcome parental support and below are listed what we currently have in place to support this:

School Website:
Here at, you will find the most up to date information about the school

Parental Contact System:
Direct texts and emails shared between school and parents including reports sent home, fixture information, absence information, school closure, open evenings, parents evening bookings etc

Twitter feed: where we post daily about what is going on within school.

College Teams:
Direct access to your Head of College and College Manager where you can share anything about the wellbeing or academic aspect of your child.


College Manager

Telephone Number


Mrs L Bailey

01227 289458


Mrs S Church

01227 289421


Mrs L Sparks

01227 289420


Mrs G Verge

01227 289446


Mrs T Shaw

01227 289457

Parents Evening:
New extended parents evening for every year group. For more details click here

Written reports:
Emailed to you four times per year.

Contact the Principal:

The school regularly texts and/or emails information so please ensure we have up to date contact details.

NEW for 2019: 
Mr Boyes is keen to keep exploring other avenues to ensure you have every opportunity to collaborate with us in the best interests of your children, as such he is proposing the following;

Principal Open Door Sessions: Starting from Monday 25th February, Mr Boyes will be holding an open door clinic, these will take place every Monday between 8.45 and 9.45am. He will be available to discuss any aspect of your child’s education.

Parent Forum: We would like to invite parents to join our new parent forum. The aim is to meet once per term in October, March and June and discuss different aspects of the school and to enable parents to have an understanding of how decisions are reached. Minutes from each forum will be published on the website. In the first instance, the forum will be limited to a group of 20 parents so as to enable quality discussion. If you are interested in joining the parent forum please email expressing your interest.