Collection of GCSE and A Level Artwork

Dear students 
Please read the following information regarding the collection of your artwork:

The Art department would like to ask that you please come into school to collect your artwork from the Covered Courtyard. The art department will use this area to lay out students work for them to collect.

On Wednesday 18th November 2020, from 12.50pm until 4pm (last year’s Year 11, now current Year 12 at Herne Bay High School only to collect artwork).

On Wednesday 25th November 2020, from 1.20pm until 4.30pm (last year’s Year 13 students only to collect artwork).

On Wednesday 9th December 2020, from 1.20pm until 4.30pm (last year’s Year 11 students, school leavers only to collect artwork).

When you come to collect work, if possible, please collect it yourself or advise a family member or friend on what work needs to be collected as you will need to be able to remember and recognise all of your coursework and oversized final pieces; everything must be taken home. Do remember you will have a lot of work – please organise suitable transportation home.

A booking system has been designed so that social distancing can be maintained. It is important that we avoid large groups of people in one area at the same time, therefore eight people are allowed in the Covered Courtyard at any one time; each day has been split into ten minute slots. You can bring someone with you to help carry your work, however if this person is entering the school buildings, please book a place for them (those remaining in vehicles outside do not need to register).
To book your place, please visit

Due to the global pandemic we would ask that all persons wear a face covering and use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter and exit the building. Please maintain two-metre physical distancing at all times. If you are asked to queue or wait until it is safe for you to pick up your work, we ask that you follow all of the rules put in place to protect everyone involved. 

COVID restrictions mean that unfortunately this will be the only day you will be able to collect your artwork. The department has limited storage space and cannot keep work for you; the work will be disposed of if not collected.