Year 11, 12 & 13 Exam Information 2020

Results Day 2020 - Important Information


Speaking to the school

Should you need to speak with staff, please email in the first instance to providing your name and contact telephone number and some information about your needs and a member of staff will return your call at their earliest opportunity during school hours.

Year 13 Students:
If you have applied to university, UCAS track is available from 8am, where the university responses will be. The majority of applicants will gain their chosen place whether firm (1st) or insurance (2nd). However, some students may be eligible for Adjustment or may be required to use the Clearing or Clearing Plus Service and find a suitable course this way. 

Adjustment is the opportunity for you to reconsider where and what to study. If you have had a conditional firm choice accepted – and therefore made into an unconditional firm choice – you could potentially swap your place for one on another course you prefer.

Adjustment is available from A level results day (13 August 2020) until 31 August. It is entirely optional, and a lot of competitive courses will be full – but other applicants might have missed their conditions or swapped a course too, so it could be worth seeing what is available.

  • If you try Adjustment but you do not find anything, you'll still keep the course you gained on results day.
  • You will see the option to register in Track. Your original UF choice will be safe while you are looking for another – you will only lose it if you confirm you'd like to go elsewhere and the new university/college adds themselves to your application.
  • If originally you only applied for one course for the reduced fee of £20, you will have to pay the additional £5 to apply to more courses by making contact with school on

Clearing Plus 
If you find yourself unplaced, there are still plenty of universities and colleges looking for applicants.

  • If applicants find themselves in Clearing, there will be a new button in Track called 'View matches'. If they click this, they can start browsing courses they have been matched to, based on their application and the student’s providers have told us they're looking for.
  • If they find a course they want to be considered for, they can click an 'I'm interested' button, and their details will be passed to the university or college.
  • If the university or college still has places, they may contact the applicant to discuss things further, and make an offer.
  • If your students receive an offer, all that is left to do is add it as a Clearing choice – so their place can be confirmed.

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses. From 6 July – 20 October, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you are not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places. You can use Clearing if:

  • you are applying after 30 June
  • you did not receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • you did not meet the conditions of your offers
  • you’ve declined your firm place using the ‘decline my place’ button in Track

Further details are available on and they provide telephone support over this period of time. UCAS can be contacted on 0371 468 0 468, please ensure you have your UCAS ID when you telephone and be prepared for call waiting times to be longer than would normally be expected. 

Year 11 students:
As you may be aware, after significant concerns were raised last week as to the way a computer algorithm determined students’ A-level grades, the government has decided that, in the vast majority of cases, the GCSE grades that students receive will be based on their centre assessment grades (teachers’ professional judgements of the most likely grades that their students would have achieved if exams had gone ahead). That said, if a student’s calculated grades (the grades set by the examination board based on the computer algorithm) are higher than their centre assessment grade, the calculated grade will stand. *This does not apply to the BTEC subjects as a different algorithm was applied to non-attempted units, and as such the exam board calculated unit grades will be included in the overall grade.  

The centre assessed grade is based upon a combination of the results from mock examinations, pre-public examination results, homework assignments and subject-specific interim assessments.

If your grades are higher than was expected and you wish to discuss your options further, or if you have changed your mind about returning to our 6th Form or wish to discuss applying to other schools or colleges, please email providing your name and contact telephone number and some information about your needs and a member of staff will return your call at their earliest opportunity during school hours.

Option to sit Autumn Exams

There will be an opportunity for students who are not satisfied with their grades to enter exams in the Autumn Term. The dates for subjects are yet to be confirmed but they will be between October 5 and October 23 for AS and A level subjects and Monday 2nd and Monday 23rd November for GCSE subjects. 

As a general principle we would advise students who are continuing their studies strongly against sitting exams in the Autumn. In light of time missed this year and possibility of further disruption in 2020/21 it will be important for students to concentrate their efforts fully on their ongoing studies. Entry to these exams will only be available to students in subjects for which they were entered in the Summer season and there is a very strict deadline by which entries must be made.

How much does it cost?

Fees for Autumn Exams 2020 

Level 3 (i.e. AS & A Level)




AS Level - Maths



A Level - Art & Design, Sociology & History



A Level - RE



A Level - Maths 



A Level - all other subjects


Level 2 (GCSE)

GCSE - Combined Science



GCSE - all other subjects



To enable a student to resit an examination, a refundable deposit will be required to ensure that the student attends the examination.
This deposit will be refunded in full if the student sits the examination and once the examination series has been completed. Refunds will be made in early December 2020.

To apply to sit AS or A Level subjects in the Autumn Exams please print this form and return with the payment by 3pm on Thursday 3rd September.

To apply to sit GCSE subjects in the Autumn Exam please print this form and return with the payment by 3pm on Thursday 17th September.



Which qualifications does the appeals guidance apply to?
The guidance issued covers candidates entered for General Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is the purpose of this year’s appeals process?
Following the cancellation of the summer 2020 exam series for GCSE, GCE AS and A level qualifications, subsequent arrangements were made by the regulators to ensure that as many candidates as possible could receive qualifications based on calculated results.

English, Welsh and Northern Irish regulators were instructed to develop an appeals process focusing on the accuracy and application of the data provided, as opposed to challenging teachers’ professional judgement on individual students’ abilities.

How do I appeal?
Appeals must be authorised by the Head of Centre (Mr Boyes), on behalf of any candidates for whom data has been provided for the purposes of calculating a grade in a relevant qualification. This includes private candidates. Before authorising the appeal for submission, the head of centre must be satisfied that all candidates on whose behalf the appeal is submitted have consented to the appeal.

On what grounds can I appeal?
An appeal may be submitted if the head of centre considers that:

a. the awarding body did not apply procedures consistently, or procedures were not followed properly and fairly; or

b. the awarding body used the wrong data in calculating results; or

c. the result generated was incorrectly issued by the awarding body to one or more candidates.

Ofqual have stated that appeals cannot be brought on the basis of inspection reports, curriculum choices or changes to teaching staff, the outcome of standardised tests, mock exams or other evidence the Centre has about the potential performance solely of this year's learners.

If you feel the above applies to you and you would like to request the school appeals on your behalf, please email providing your name and contact telephone number and the reason for your request and a member of staff will contact you to discuss your concerns and issue a consent form if required. 

How does the appeals process work?
The appeals process has two stages. First, the initial review conducted by the awarding body; secondly, the independent review. 

All appeals must start by requesting an initial review.

Applications for an initial review must be made by Thursday 17 September 2020.

How much does it cost?

Appeals will be free if they’re successful unless the appeal is due to centre error.

The fees for unsuccessful appeals or appeals due to centre error are:

Fees for Appeals 





Stage 1 the initial review conducted by the awarding body




£84.70 (CENTRE)


Stage 2 the independent review





Please click here to read the AQA Appeals Process

Please click here to read the OCR Appeas Process

Please click here to read the Pearson Appeals Process

Please click here to read the WJEC Appeals Process

Please click here to download the Herne Bay High School Internal Appeals Process document

Concerns about bias or malpractice

What if a candidate raises a complaint of bias or discrimination?
Any concerns that a candidate or group of candidates may have been subject to bias or discrimination, should be raised directly within your centre and escalated through your complaints/internal appeals process. In addition, evidence of bias, discrimination or other improper action by a centre may be presented in exceptional circumstances to an awarding body who will assess the evidence provided and may then investigate the matter as alleged malpractice.

Information for students about Malpractice

If you wish to make complaint of bias and discrimination please email with your name and a brief outline of your complaint.

Ofqual letter to students
Summer 2020 Grades Guidance
Student guide to Post-16 Qualifcations Results