E-Learning FAQ

Where do I find my school tasks for the day?

At the current time, all student tasks are being set via Satchel One (formally known as Show My Homework).

Navigate to Satchel One using the 'Quick Links' menu, or footer link on the HBHS website. Enter your school email address (username@hernebayhigh.org) and password, and click 'Sign in with Office 365'

Using the 'Sign in with Office 365' option reduces the number of times you will need to sign in, if your Teacher has set you a Microsoft Sway or Forms based task, for example. 

What can I use to create, edit, and save documents at home?

The changes that we made at Easter this year , give all students and staff access to Microsoft Office 365. Here, students can create, edit and save their documents all in one place, using the latest Microsoft Office apps.  

Navigate to www.office.com in your web browser of choice, or use the link at the foot of this page.  Sign in using your school email address (username@hernebayhigh.org) and password.

How do I submit my work to Teachers?

Wherever possible, students should submit their work via Satchel One, (formally known as Show My Homework). The following video explains this process on both desktop and mobile devices. 

If students are unable to submit work via Satchel One for any reason, they can ask their teacher if it would be acceptable to email the work instead. Teachers will provide their email address, if it is appropriate for the task, and if all other submission avenues have been explored.

Any student experiencing persistent issues submitting work digitally, should speak with their Teacher in the first instance, who will direct their query to the Technical Support Team if necessary. 

I don’t know my login details. How do I find them?

All students are issued with a username, email address and password when they first arrive at our school. Students are encouraged to change their password to a personal, secure value at the first opportunity.

Student usernames consist of the first five letters of your surname, your forename initial, and a number.

For example: smithj01

Student email addresses take the form username@hernebayhigh.org

For example: smithj01@hernebayhigh.org

If you are unsure of any of these details, please ask your Teacher to advise in the first instance. If your Teacher is unable to help, please email support@hernebayhigh.org and a member of the Technical Services Team will get in touch with you.

Can multiple students use the same home computer for schoolwork?

Yes, multiple students in one household can use the same home computer to access all schoolwork. Each student using a shared computer may find it beneficial to use a private browsing (or incognito) browser window, to ensure that cookies are not saved. This will minimise the risk of authentication issues occurring, whereby you may end up logging into the wrong account. 

How do I clear cookies, or old usernames & passwords, from my web browser?

If you seem to be misdirected when clicking on links from Satchel One, and are struggling to access the documents which Teachers have provided, you may need to clear any residue left over from your old email account.

Please watch the video below, which explains how to clear cookies, as well as stored usernames & passwords, from your web browser.

How do I access my school email account?

Students can access their school email online by navigating to www.office.com, signing in with their school email address and password, and clicking the Outlook icon. 

You may also wish to add your school email account to your mobile phone or tablet for convenience. The video below explains how to achieve this on both Android and iOS devices. 

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

If your teacher invites you to a live lesson on Microsoft Teams, they will provide notice, and a link to the lesson via a Satchel One task.

When it's time for the lesson, simply click on this link and enter your school email address and password if prompted, to log into Office 365.

Can I install Office 365 on my home computer?

You certainly can! As well as giving access to all the Microsoft Office apps online, our school's new subscription to Office 365 also entitles every student to download and install a full version of the Office suite, on up to five home computers. 

Once logged in at www.office.com students simply click the 'Install Office' option in the top right-hand corner.

The following video explains the process step by step: 

Which mobile apps should I use to help with schoolwork?

Students wishing to gain access to school work and resources from their mobile phone or tablet device, should search their relevant App Store for the Satchel One app, and individual Microsoft Office apps (OneDrive, Teams etc)

Signing into these apps on a mobile device will require the student's school email address (username@hernebayhigh.org) and password. These are the same details they would use to login via a web browser. 

How do I create a Satchel One parental account?

Each student at Herne Bay High School is given a Satchel One (formally Show My Homework) account, which they access using their school email address and password. As a parent or carer, you can also sign up to Satchel One, and create a parental account, which gives you visibility over your son or daughter's homework tasks.

If your son or daughter has recently started in Year 7, you should have received an email containing a unique PIN code associated with your child, and instructions on how to use this PIN to set up your parental account.

If your child has recently started in another year, or if you have misplaced the PIN sent to you, please email support@hernebayhigh.org and this information will be forwarded to your registered email address.

Please see the Satchel One Help Center for lots of useful information and advice around setting up and using your parental account. 


How do I link an additional student to my existing Satchel One parental account?

If you have more than one child at the school, and have already set up a Satchel One parental account associated with the eldest child, you can add-in additional students later, using the unique PIN for that student, which will be sent to you when they start at HBHS. 

If you have not received, or misplaced this PIN, please email support@hernebayhigh.org with details, and we will send this to your registered email address.

Please see this Satchel One Help Center Article, which explains the process of adding additional students to existing accounts.   

Satchel One says the attachment is too large to submit. What can I do?

There is a 100MB upload limit on files submitted via Satchel One; this is more than sufficient for most digital documents. However, very high resolution photos can exceed this file size.

Check settings on the device you are using to take photos. On most mobile phones and tablets, you will find an option to reduce the resolution at which photos are taken. If your device is set to take 'large' photos, try changing the setting to 'medium' or 'small', then upload your new, smaller file.