Full Re-Opening of School Site to Students

Dear Parents and Carers

The secretary of state has asked schools to reopen for all students after the 1st September 2020. The DfE has provided detailed guidance for schools to support this policy (see link below).

Links to Key Government Guidance:

1) COVID-19 : Information to parents and carers

2) COVID-19 Secondary school guidance for return to schools in SEPTEMBER

HBHS have created a fully risk assessed operational plan that responds to all the guidance and sets out how we will start to educate all HBHS students in September. The decisions made for the opening are in the best interests of staff and students, putting safety first in all instances.

Latest Updates and Guides for Parents:

1) COVID-19 : 'What I Need to Do.' A Parent's Guide

2) COVID-19 : 'Test & Trace'. A Parent's Guide

3) COVID-19 : 'HBHS COVID-19 Protocol - Students'

4) COVID-19 : 'HBHS COVID-19 Protocol - Staff'

Letters from Principal to parents

Letter 25th September 2020

Letter 18th September 2020

Letter 11th September 2020

Letter 1st September 2020

Letter 20th July 2020

Letter 13th July 2020

Information for Full September Return





HBHS Full September Return Information Video

Please click here to download the letter regarding School Transport Arrangements

Updates on travelling with Stagecoach this September

We have received the following information from Stagecoach regarding bus services in the new academic year. PLEASE NOTE THAT SCHOOL BUSES WILL BE ENTERING THE SCHOOL SITE AS USUAL


As you get your kids ready to return to school, we know you’ll have some concerns about what might be different for them when they use the bus.


At this difficult time our priority is to protect the safety of your children, our passengers and colleagues. We’ve been listening carefully to feedback on what extra steps we can take to help people feel safe onboard our buses. One of the measures we’ve taken is to minimise cash handling by not issuing change on the bus. To confirm, we are continuing to accept cash on our buses, but our drivers are unable to give change back. Any overpayments are donated to Demelza Hospice Care for Children. Some of you will have purchased a KCC pass for your child, this can be scanned on the bus as usual. However we know some of you didn’t want to commit to a long term ticket in such uncertain times. 

Don’t worry, we still have lots of options for you.


  1. Pay with the exact change
  2. Buy a monthly ticket on our website:> https://www.stagecoachbus.com/tickets
  3. If your child has a mobile phone, you can download our app and buy day or weekly tickets straight to their phone:> https://www.stagecoachbus.com/app

Thanks for bearing with us on this.


The government require all passengers using public transport aged 11 years or more, to wear a face-covering unless medically exempt. Our drivers will remind passengers of this requirement, but it is the responsibility of your child to comply. Our drivers will not refuse travel or apply any enforcement measures, but we appeal to students and parents to ensure that this is taken seriously and that a face-covering is worn at all times when on the bus.


We'll be running our usual complement of school day bus services from September. We have a range of measures in place to ensure our buses are clean, safe and ready to help get children to and from school from the start of term. 

Discussions are ongoing between bus operators, KCC and the DfT about school transport arrangements, including how government capacity guidelines will apply and the impact this may have on available capacity. We're working very closely with the County Council on planning for this and we're ready to do all we can to make sure your children can travel safely by bus.

We're urging everyone to check our service information web page for the latest timetable and service information. https://www.stagecoachbus.com/SECovid19

Information for students that travel to school by Train

The school has been contacted by Southeastern, who have asked that we pass on the following information regarding the use of rail services for travel to and from school in the new academic year. If your child uses the train to travel to school, please ensure they are familiar with the rules in place. These documents can be downloaded by clicking the image

Southeastern guidance for school travelSoutheastern guidance for school travel2

Back to School infographic

Please click here to download the KCC Safer Travel to School Newsletter


What Do I Need to Do A Parents Guide