Careers and Further Education

“As a school it is clear that CEIAG is a valued service and this is evidenced by the internal commitment”
(CXK, Health Check 2013)

What is the Careers program at Herne Bay High School?

Herne Bay High School is committed to providing our students with a programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) for all students in years 7 – 13.

Herne Bay High School endeavours to follow the National Framework for CEIAG 11 – 19 in England (DfES, 2003) and other relevant guidance from DCSF, QCA and Ofsted as they appear.

We continue to use the Connexions service (recently re-branded CXK ltd.)

Herne Bay High Schools Career Aims

Herne Bay High School’s Careers Education and Guidance policy has the following aims:-

What we offer

Year 7 & 8

The focus is about introducing careers and thinking about the vast number of careers and jobs available. This is achieved through the Enterprise Days.

Year 9

The focus is self-assessment, career paths and options post 14. The ‘Real Game’ is used in PSHEE to open up links between personal interests and potential career ambitions.

Year 10 & 11

The focus is to investigate the knowledge and skills that people need at work and to find out about post-16 choices of education, training and apprenticeships.

All students have access to the Connexions adviser on request.

Year 12

The focus is on ensuring students are aware of the facilities and resources available within school i.e. the careers section of the LRC and the additional information available in the 6th Form Centre. There is access to electronic information regarding careers on the student shared drive. The Careers and Higher Education programme takes place throughout the year as part of mentor time and PSHEE

All students have access to the Connexions adviser on request.

Year 13/14

The focus is post 18 options and the UCAS Application process

The focus is on ensuring that all students have the opportunity to move on to Further/Higher Education/Apprenticeships or employment.

All students have access to the Connexions adviser on request.

You can arrange a Careers Interview by initially contacting Mr Hasler. Your careers interview is a confidential, impartial discussion with a qualified Careers Guidance Adviser from CXK. Don’t worry if you have no definite plans. We are here to encourage and support you while you are making decisions about your future. Depending on your needs, it may be helpful to have several discussions, so don’t think of your careers interview as a 'one-off’ event.

Anyone is entitled to a Careers interview, please complete the form below to book your appointment now: