Bay Theatre

Created by the drastic redevelopment of our original sports hall, the Bay Theatre opened December 2012. This huge 17 by 21 meter space was designed with flexibility and function in mind. With a removable dividing partition, automated bleacher seating to accomodate 274 with disabled access at the front, dual projection and a large 6.5m screen this environment has become essential in the day-to-day functions of our school.

Our design brief was to create a space that provided appropriate classroom environments for our drama department, could host our mini community assemblies and still be a professional feeling performance venue with the flexibility to allow different performance types.

When in it’s primary position the removable partition allows us to create two spaces; a large bleacher seated space with presentation facilities and a very reasonable 7 by 17 meter classroom to allow lessons to continue whilst assemblies are being held. Removal of this partition presents the full scale of the theatre with a very large 10 by 17 meter performance area.

Significant funds were invested in the technical infrastructure of the space to ensure that as our school and technologies develop we have the flexibility to continue to expand and support emerging technologies.

Mini Communities

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