Student Services

Student Services

At Herne Bay High School we believe in the development of the whole child. Therefore alongside our continual drive to improve the standards of learning and teaching within our school, we also remain fully committed to developing our students into well-rounded, happy and engaged young people.

Parents and carers are asked at parents' evenings to feedback on their opinions on issues pertaining to learning and well-being using the questions Ofsted ask parents. Over the past three years the school has received feedback from around 900 parents/carers. In terms of the feedback on learning:

  • 94% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement 'My child makes good progress at this school', with 5% neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the statement and just 1% disagreeing with the statement.
  • To the question 'My child is taught well at this school', 94.01%% either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement and 5.66% neither agreed nor disagreed - this equates to some 99.67%, with just 0.34% of 869 respondents disagreeing with this statement.

Please see below for the results of approximately 900 surveys that have been completed by parents and carers over the past three years (2013-2016) regarding the work of our Student Services Department and our pastoral systems:

  • To the question 'My child is happy at the school', 94.09%% either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement and 4.94% neither agreed nor disagreed - this equates to some 99.03%, with just 0.97% or 9 parents out of 869 disagreeing with this statement.
  • To the question 'My child feels safe at this school', 94.81% either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement and 4.05% neither agreed nor disagreed - this equates to some 98.86%, with just 1% parents disagreeing with this statement.
  • To the question 'My child is well looked after at this school', 94.65% either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement and 4.79% neither agreed nor disagreed - this equates to some 99.44%, with just 4 parents out of 869 disagreeing with this statement.
  • To the question 'The school responds well to any concern I raise', 85.67% either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement and 11.42% neither agreed nor disagreed - this equates to some 97.09%, with just 2.92% of parents out of 869 disagreeing with this statement.
  • To the question 'I would recommend this school to another parent', 98% of parents said they would.

Our Student Services Department consists of a large group of highly experienced and committed professionals that work tirelessly to support our young people, in order that they are happy, healthy, willing and able to reap the benefits if what is one of the most successful and popular schools in Kent.

Key people within our Student Services Department are:

our five Mini Community Support Officers:
Jupiter - Mrs G Verge - 01227 289446
Mercury - Mrs L Sparks - 01227 289420
Neptune - Mrs L Bailey - 01227 289458
Saturn - Mrs T Shaw - 01227 289457
Venus - Mrs S Church - 01227 289421
our Inclusion/Learning mentor Team:
Mrs Browne
Mrs Treacher
Ms Wicks
our Student Welfare Team:
Mr Black
Mr Collison
Mr O'Rourke
our Community Youth Worker:
Mr Buchanan
our Attendance Manager:
Mrs Molloy - 01227 289414
our Designated Persons for Child Protection:
Mr Harris
Mr Jones
Mr Waters

Ofsted 2014

We were very pleased that Ofsted perceived this key area of our school so highly in their most inspection of our school in March 2014 when they made the following observations:

  • Students behave well and feel safe in school.
  • Students have few concerns about bullying.
  • Students’ attendance has risen considerably over the last three years.
  • The school’s promotion of students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is strong.
  • Parents are supportive of the school and would recommend it to others.
  • The school's work to keep students safe and secure is good with students confirming that bullying is uncommon and that staff deal with any occurrences promptly and firmly.
  • The school promotes equality of opportunity very well.

Ofsted 2011

The Ofsted 2014 observations, that are listed above, built on their very positive comments of 2011:

  • Most students say they enjoy school and feel very safe and extremely well cared for.
  • Students have excellent opportunities to take responsibility and contribute to the academy and the local community.
  • They (students)  have an effective voice through the active mini communities and the academy forum.
  • The academy promotes healthy lifestyles well and students have an excellent understanding of how to adopt healthy lifestyles.
  • The curriculum is further enriched by a good range of well-attended clubs and activities that students enjoy.
  • Students receive good advice and guidance so that they can make informed choices about their futures.
  • The 'mini communities' structure contributes to well-organised arrangements for care that ensure that students are very safe and extremely well looked after.
  • Work with parents, carers, and partnerships with other schools and agencies, for example local police and health professionals, make an excellent contribution to students' personal development.
  • Arrangements for safeguarding students are exemplary.
  • Because of its inclusive ethos, very few students are excluded and students are successfully encouraged and enabled to take responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • The school is a cohesive community where students show respect for each other regardless of their differences.
  • Students' spiritual, moral and social development is promoted very well and this makes a good contribution to students' learning.
  • Good attention is given to the care of students.
  • The well-organised mini communities provide exceptional opportunities for students' personal and social development.
  • There are good transition arrangements for students joining and moving through the academy.
  • Effective partnerships with a wide range of education, health and care professionals ensure that students who have additional educational needs and/or disabilities get the help and support that they need.
  • The academy has a strong focus on promoting students' emotional and mental well-being.
  • Students facing challenging circumstances are also supported by their peers through a peer mentoring scheme.
  • This is a very inclusive community where all students are valued regardless of background or ability.

Mini Communities

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